María Jesús Montero ontero wants to have the PGE ready before summer and will recover the list of delinquents

The Government has a new objective: approve the General State Budget of 2020 before summer. The finance minister, Maria Jesus Montero, has indicated that the elaboration works have been intensified and accelerated so that they can be approved before the summer and has urged Congress to approve the new deficit path next week.

During his appearance at the Finance Commission in Congress To detail the hallmarks of the 2020 public accounts, Montero has stressed that he is confident that the processing of the new deficit targets will allow the presentation of the Social Communist Government Budgets "as soon as possible".

At the same time, he recalled that the accounts will energize an economy that the minister has described as "solid" and that strengthen public services and recover social rights.

Mobility, education and housing

In this case, the new budgets will favor investments in infrastructure that drive the mobility of people and goods and will boost investments in education, in R&D and in living place. In addition, it has influenced the commitment to a model of economic growth based on the ecological and digital revolution with more investment in dependence.

"The budget extension is no longer sustained," he said after writing down some accounts whose identity will be cohesion, social justice and the fight against inequality.

Anti-Fraud Law

Montero will recover the list of delinquents. The minister has also indicated that work is being done to see the draft of the Law on Prevention Measures and Fight against Tax Fraud, whose preliminary draft was approved last legislature but declined by the call for elections, and which included a wide range of measures.

Among others, it will include the limitation of cash payments to 1,000 euros among professionals, Strengthening the list of delinquents with those responsible for solidarity and the appearance of debtors from 600,000 euros, the prohibition of tax amnesties and the adoption of international measures to combat fraud.

Record tax collection

Estate recorded a record revenue of 15.7 billion in the fight against fraud in 2019, up 4.1%. Montero has indicated that it will continue to improve compliance with tax obligations, since "some taxpayers do not declare due to ignorance or because they do not have the data".

Therefore, he explained that the VAT draft will be expanded, with census information; as well as the sending of fiscal data in the Corporation Tax, similar to that of the IRPF, which is expected to be carried out already in the 2019 Income Campaign to develop it in July of this year.