Melania Trump inaugurates Christmas at The White House: "The Spirit of America"

Christmas has arrived. Or, at least, to The White House. Melania Trump highlights on Sunday this mystery about the Christmas decoration what would it look like the president's home of the United States of America. The mystery has been solved: a multitude of trees with infinite white lights, gold details and national teachings everywhere.

As the first American lady says in her tweet: "The spirit of America is shining on The White House. I am delighted to share this beautiful display of patriotism with all of you, and excited that everyone experiences the beauty of the Christmas season. "

One month after the Christmas, Melania Trump He has already started to organize the celebrations and traditions of the date. The first lady of the United States, 49, received the tree that will decorate the Blue Room of the White House last November. A pine of more than five meters high that arrived at the residence of Donald Trump from Mahantongo Valley Farms of Pennsylvania after winning a traditional contest that celebrates the National Christmas Tree Association since 1961 and that began with Jackie Kennedy.

"A bloody Christmas" with the Trump

It should be remembered that last year, by these same dates, the announcement of the presidential Christmas decoration caused a stir in social networks. The teasing towards such a profuse and exaggerated decoration was not long in coming referring to it as something ‘Bloody’ and ‘macabre’ in reference, above all, to the strident corridor full of red trees that the first lady was walking proudly. There are even those who have dared to compare it with the striking visual aesthetic of The maid's tale, although similarities with other horror classics have not been lacking, such as The glow.

However, the former model remained foreign to criticism and the result was delighted. It is not in vain one of the tasks of his agenda in which he puts more effort. Treasures or not, what is true is that so many trees and lights must have cost as such.