Miguel Bosé criticizes the Pedro Sánchez government for the coronavirus crisis: “It doesn’t measure up, as we already knew”

The singer Miguel Bosé he has lost his mother, Lucía Bosé, to the coronavirus pandemic. In a heartfelt publication on their social networks, the famous interpreter has charged against the Executive of Pedro Sánchez and Pablo Iglesias.

“The country’s government does not measure up, but we already knew that”, he points out in Instagram in a text in which he warns that in Mexico, the country in which he resides, the coronavirus has just arrived: «The worst is yet to come. I am with each and every one of you. Strength and endurance. I love you”.

In one of the messages in which he says goodbye to his mother, the 63-year-old singer points out that “the pain and frustration I feel seeing this and knowing everything behind it, from the suffering of families to the solidarity effort of hospital and public order professionals, I am outraged in such a way that all I want is to see the end of so much sorrow ».

All this with an image of Madrid’s Gran Vía deserted by people due to the confinement carried out by Spanish society as a whole. The singer points out that in the face of the efforts of the population not to spread the coronavirus, the Executive of the nation is not responding with the same diligence to stop the pandemic.

Bosé ends his message with the slogans “stay home” and “flatten the curve”. «We carry you in my heart, dear Mami. A kiss from the entire family, “he says in another letter. After the dissemination of the heartfelt letter, the messages of support and encouragement from his followers number in the thousands.

Among many others, they have used Instagram’s own social network to convey their condolences to Miguel Bosé and his family, the actor Antonio Banderas; the singers Vanessa Martín, Paulina Rubio and Laura Paussini; the singers Juanes, Pablo Alborán, David Bustamante and Mario Vaquerizo; the Pax Vega model; the actress Paula Echevarría; football player Luis Figo and many more.