Mirotic’s billionaire Barcelona is still blank

He Barcelona took a sharp turn in his planning in the summer of 2019, with excellence as the only objective. The directive approved an increase in investment for basketball section, overshadowed by Real Madrid’s golden age since the arrival of Pablo Laso seven years ago. The signings followed one another, each with a higher quality and name, and the lace came with the signing of Nikola Mirotic. However, after more than twelve months and several titles at stake, the club’s showcases they have not seen a single trophy arrive by the basketball boys.

The team led by Sarunas Jasikevicius, who along with Calathes confirmed the continuity of Barça’s bet, competed until the last seconds in the Endesa Super Cup, but as happened in the last Endesa League final with Baskonia, gave in to the greatest inspiration from Real Madrid. There are four titles – two Super Cups, Cup and League – and zero titles. Barcelona have managed to reach three finals, as a sign of their consistency, but a project with Mirotic, Higgins, Hanga, Heurtel or Davies must be asked for immediate results.

Barça’s blocking can be exemplified in the figure of its great star, Nikola Mirotic. Canterano of Real Madrid, decided to abandon his adventure in the NBA to return to Europe and do so, without notifying the meringues of his return, to enroll in the project of the Barça team. All the controversy around him seemed to feed his desire for victory, but Mirotic could not measure up in the key moments. It is fair to admit that he would have been the MVP of the Super Cup if Barça had won, but as in the final of the Endesa League, his pulse trembled in his shots in the decisive moments.

Mirotic has an absolutely differential quality in Europe, and three-quarters of the same can be said of Calathes, Higgins – absent in the Super Cup – Davies and many other members of a stellar and, therefore, very expensive squad. However, the greater cohesion of Real Madrid and the impetus of Baskonia have prevented them from releasing their locker, something that resonates every time with greater force in Can Barça, with Jasikevicius as the one chosen to turn the tables. For the moment, the first round of the season has been scored again by Madrid.