Monica Naranjo armor after her greatest success

Thursday has taken place ‘The reunion after six months’, the last installment of ‘The island of temptations’, the reality that has become on its own merit one of the great surprises of the season. Although the main protagonists have been Rubén, Fani, Christopher and the famous ‘Estefaníiia’, there is another person who has established himself in the television format thanks to the program. That is none other than its presenter, Mónica Naranjo, who after premiering as a driver with ‘Monica and sex’, has enjoyed the most absolute success thanks to the format shot in the Dominican Republic. At the end of the program, which will have some continuity incorporating its protagonists in another of the must of the chain, 'Women, men and vice versa', the Catalan singer has decided to take a small step back, leaving aside the great popularity that has given him 'The island' and return to devote body and soul to his facet as a singer.

Mónica Naranjo with Sandra Barneda, her program partner / Gtres

An information that has revealed exclusively to LOOK his representative, Vanesa Aparicio, when this medium has wanted to contact the artist. Although Monica is one of the most sought after faces, Aparicio has informed this media that, right now, it's very complicated to talk to her. The reason? After tasting the honeys of television success thanks to reality, ‘Pantera de Figueras’, as it is also known, is currently focused on his music: “He is in the studio preparing new subjects. It is with its events, with its summer tour ”, has revealed to us.

Monica Naranjo
Monica Naranjo at the presentation of ‘The Island of Temptations’ / Gtres

But this is not the only reason that Vanesa Aparicio gives this digital. In recent days the singer has attended many media and, by now, has already told everything about her applauded role in ‘The island of temptations’. Monica seems not wanting the impact of the eclipse program his musical facet and that is why he prefers to shield himself and surround himself with chords and lyrics. On this matter, his representative has commented to LOOK that when he was in the American country took advantage of the times I had free to compose a song. In spite of everything, Monica does not close the door to television, although it will not be immediately: “He has more projects, but now he's with music”.

Monica Naranjo
Monica Naranjo in an event / Gtres

Monica Naranjo has lived this experience very intensely. As the format was recorded months ago, during its broadcast the presenter has had the possibility of reliving such viral moments as the famous 'Estefanía', which, as she said in 'Save me', lived it with fear: “I lived it in a way very tragic, I was scared because I saw Christofer out of his mind. He had been very sick for days, he couldn't sleep, we were on top of him to help him. His reaction was very hard, it made me want to go after him but I couldn't, ”he said.