“Mourinho and Guardiola are completely different personalities”

Samuel Eto’o, former player of Real Madrid, Barcelona and Inter, among others, is for an anniversary. This 2020 marks the 10th anniversary of the conquest of the Champions that the Interist group achieved in the capital of Spain before the Bayern Munich, where the Cameroonian was capital. The striker recalled that triumph in an interview with La Gazzatta dello Sport.

Second consecutive triplet

«It was very different. Inter had been waiting for the Champions for 45 years. Getting to such a special place and earning it immediately seemed like a unique task, a dream.

Transfer by Inter

«A certain Materazzi writes to me:« If you come to Inter we will win everything ». I don’t have that number on the phonebook and I ask Albertini: “Is it yours?” It was his. Something like this had never happened to me in my entire career and that message had a great weight in my choice ».

Mourinho’s words

“Very simply, he sent me a photo of Inter’s shirt with the number ‘9’ and said: ‘It’s yours: it’s waiting for you.'”

Disappointed with Guardiola

Yes, but actually I already knew I would have to go, I was already talking to several clubs, but that message from Materazzi slowed down any other ongoing negotiations. I felt that Inter was the right path.

Mourinho and Guardiola

“The only common point these two coaches have is the desire to win. They are completely different personalities and with a different vision of football.

Eliminatory against Barcelona

“When Thiago Motta was sent off, Mourinho called me and Zanetti, and explained how to play. I didn’t even have time to reflect on how much I should have run in the band, I said to myself, ‘Give your all and we’ll see at the end.’ And in the end we were in the final ».

His speech at the Madrid final

«It wasn’t long, I just said:« You don’t play a final, you win. Either we die in the field and take the cup to Milan, or we die because we do not return to Milan. Let’s go back and take that glass away.