Nacho Vidal denies his HIV infection and reveals the disease he suffers

Last February, a news shocked the porn industry. The adult film actor Nacho Vidal would have tested positive for HIV. Since then, Vidal has kept the truth about that test that forced paralyzing countless shootings locked. Just a few days ago, on his YouTube channel he announced that he would finally reveal the truth about his illness and it has been.

«I have a disease that I contracted, seven months ago already»start counting Nacho Vidal. The actor explains his medical history by ensuring that, due to his work as a porn actor, he has taken «About 50 times gonorrhea and about 50 times chlamydia».

Because of the large viral load on his body, Nacho Vidal decided to get tested for HIV after a very painful and alarming episode: «Suddenly my hand started to hurt and the next day I had it swollen. With all those viruses, I decided to go for the AIDS test. As it turns out that false positive, I did not have it ».

Nacho Vidal in a file image / Gtres

And is that the disease that really afflicts Nacho Vidal is Reiter's syndrome, a systemic condition characterized by ocular manifestations, conjunctivitis or uveitis, reactive arthritis and urethritis. The symptoms of this condition, which can become chronic, are extremely painful, to the point that the actor came to tell his doctor: "I want to kill myself of pain."

Finally, and after clarifying the ailment that afflicts him, Nacho Vidal ends with a blunt statement: “To all who sent me messages of love, I return it with love. To those who sent hateful ones, I feel sorry for you. I feel you get up with that feeling, hate. ”