Nadal and Djokovic’s reasons for going to the United States or not

He Cincinnati Masters 1000 (from August 20 to 28) awaits the arrival of Rafa Nadal and Novak Djokovic, both headliners of the American tournament, before the US Open and that this year will be played in the same facilities. Everything indicates that the Serbian does intend to go to the United States, but doubts about the presence of Rafa Nadal are still there, as the Balearic Islands continues to train on the clay court. We analyze the pros and cons of Belgrade and Manacor to attend the North American tour.

Novak Djokovic has been training on cement for a few days and he would even be doing it with the same model of balls with which the US Open will be played. On the contrary, Rafa Nadal continues to train on the clay court in Manacor and although she appears on the Cincinnati poster her presence on the North American tour is not entirely clear. In the balance of pros and cons to go to the United States, the situation is more favorable for Serbian than for Spanish.

Nadal would not lose the points of the US Open

If we look at the points that Rafa Nadal can add with his presence in the United States, the Balearic can only aspire to 1000 points from Cincinnati, while at the US Open, with the new system, will not add but will not lose the 2000 points earned after winning his fourth crown in New York last year, even if he was absent or lost in the first round. Conversely, Novak Djokovic aspires to far superior loot: 640 points in Cincinnati and 1820 in the Grand Slam American with what could ostensibly increase the advantage with the Spanish and Serbian places the utmost importance on being number one.

Winning a new Grand Slam is highly attractive for both Rafa Nadal and Novak Djokovic, but after months out of competition it will be necessary to see how they return to the circuit in such demanding tournaments. The Spanish could match Federer’s 20 or the Serbian could approach one of the Spanish in case of conquering the US Open. Now, we must not forget that the ground tour is just around the corner, just as there is only one day difference between the New York final and the first day of competition in Madrid, the tour’s starting point. European land.

Djokovic, with more margin for Paris

In addition to worrying about the pandemic situation in New York, going to the United States can be physically taxing. Cement is one of the surfaces with which tennis players suffer the most injuries and Nadal does not lose sight of the fact that on some occasion he has had to retire injured at the US Open and give up the rest of the season. It doesn’t help either drastic change of surface – and time zone- which will take place between the American Grand Slam and the Mutua Madrid Open, this tournament to which Nadal has publicly assured that he will go.

For both Djokovic and Nadal, Roland Garros is crucial, but the Serbian can take a breather between the American and clay tours. Why? The Serbian is the current winner of Madrid, that is, in the capital he will not add any points or lose the 1000 obtained last year, so he can do without playing in the Caja Mágica, a tournament that is less similar to the conditions of the track Parisian. On the contrary, Nadal, in addition to the emotional component of playing at home, can only score points in Madrid, so he does prioritize his presence.

There are still three weeks to see what happens and if finally both Novak Djokovic and Rafa Nadal go to the United States before playing the ground tour in Europe, priority in any case for number one and two in the world.