Nadal postpones to Tuesday the decision to participate in the Masters Cup

Rafael Nadal He underwent an MRI on Monday to determine the extent of his abdominal tear. The Spanish tennis player had to retire in Paris, just before starting his semifinal match against Canadian Denis Shapovalov. However, from their team they have transmitted that will not make any decision until Tuesday when they have the results Of the tests.

The presence, which since Monday is the new number one in the world, in the ATP Finals is a mystery. Nadal is going to play the throne of world tennis with Djokovic in London and then comes the Davis Cup. That is why Manacor prefers to wait to see what the results of the medical exams say, and depending on that he will decide whether or not to go to the Masters Cup and if he can play the Davis finals in the Magic Box.

This Tuesday will take place the draw of the Masters box, where it is not yet known whether Rafa Nadal will be or not. The Spanish seeks to finish the year as number one and if he finally plays the Masters Tournament he will have many options to achieve it. Otherwise, if Djokovic reached the final it would be the Serbian who occupied the throne of the ATP at the end of the course. Rafa was very excited to play this final leg of the season, but this injury has disrupted all plans.

If Nadal were to leave for the appointment at the O2 in London, Roberto Bautista would take his place since he is the first substitute. The Castellón also launches a new ranking this Monday. He has climbed to the ninth position, the highest of his entire sports career. Everything is in Rafa's hands. The tests carried out this Monday will determine if you can play in London and in the Magic Box from November 18 to 24.