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Spain the pass to the semifinals of the ATP Cup in the decisive double. After the victory of Roberto Bautista on Kimmer Coppejans (6-1 and 6-4), David Goffin surprised Rafael Nadal (6-4 and 7-6) and tied the series between Belgium Y The army (1-1), which will then look for the classification in the pulse in pairs. Number one, who will play that doubles with Pablo Carreño, suffered a heat stroke during the first set and did not recover to combat the inspiration of his opponent. (Narration and statistics)

"It has given me a heat stroke that has not allowed me to play the game I needed to win an opponent of this entity," he explained later Nadal, which added 32 consecutive victories with the shirt of Spain. “I was empty of energy in the first set, I was sweating a lot. They have been here for 10 days and for us it is the first, ”continued number one. "I needed to be well physically, and I had to play with a heat stroke that has not allowed me to."

For the first time since the season began, Nadal He faced an important rival, one of the best in the world. Goffin, 11 of the world also started with an important advantage: unlike the Spaniards, the Belgian played the group stage in Sydney, so he didn't need to adapt anything. The champion of 19 greats, who like the rest of the team landed in the city at dawn on Friday, made a timeless adaptation full of problems because he could not play on the same track on which he then competed, because he slept badly, difficult for him body understand the three hours difference there is with Perth in such a short time, and because he suffered the tremendous humidity of the city, above 60% at the time of the game.

From very soon, Nadal large bags of ice were placed on the head taking advantage of the game breaks. In those breaks, Rafael Maymò, his physiotherapist took the opportunity to give the tennis player everything he could, trying to help him out of the bird that caused him the conditions of Sydney. As it was impossible, as the Balearic did not recover, he was forced to fight with what he had, which was very little during the first round and something else in the second.

The encounter, in any case, was an incredible battle. Playing line to line, for many moments a video game tennis, Goffin overflowed to Nadal and he made his way through a well-worked maze, choosing to load his shots on the right of number one. First, the Belgian broke his opponent's serve to get 3-2. Then, just then, the Mallorcan reacted by returning the break (3-3), showing his teeth, pulling out his claws. Finally, when the crossing was 4-4, Goffin He swung the serve again and closed the first set while the clock marked an exact time, dealing a good blow to his opponent.

No sign of vertigo, moving at full speed to make the holes of the track bigger, Goffin opened the second set with a break which boosted his confidence even more to continue sending at each point on a Nadal off, which could recover that break when the second set approached the end (5-5) and forced a tie-breaker where he fell defeated, hopelessly fired after a night of very bad feelings.

For Spain, however, all is not lost: the doubles, which will play Nadal with Pablo Carreño, is the last chance to reach the semifinals.