Naruto and Sasuke 1

Naruto and Sasuke 1” (ナルトとサスケ①, Naruto to Sasuke 1) is chapter 694 of the original Naruto manga.


At the Valley of the End, Sasuke speaks about his notion of a “true Hokage”, and talks about Itachi and his past related to Konoha. He tells Naruto that Itachi is “the true Hokage”. He then speaks about Itachi’s mistake, and the loss of his clan-members, how he wants to shoulder the pain and hatred of shinobi on his own. He then goes on to state that through this method, he would unify the villages, and eradicate the darkness in the world.

Despite Naruto telling him that no-one would agree to this, Sasuke replies that it did not matter what they thought of him, as he is the only one with the power to control them. Naruto contemplates how he too had tried to shoulder everything and remembers Itachi’s words that if he forgot the people that gave him strength, and took it all on his own, that he would become prideful like Madara. He then voices the fact that Sasuke still did not understand what Itachi really wanted, noting that their fight with Kaguya should have shown him that he couldn’t do everything on his own. However, Sasuke rebuffs Naruto’s reply and reaffirms his goal of severing the past. With nothing else left to be said, the two exchanged blows once more.


  • A Naruto: Colour Edition version of this chapter was included with the digital release of Weekly Shōnen Jump 2014 #45.
  • In one panel, Naruto’s right jacket sleeve is shown to be intact. However, it hasn’t been fixed in the tankōbon version.

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