Naruto and Sasuke 4

Naruto and Sasuke 4” (ナルトとサスケ④, Naruto to Sasuke 4) is chapter 697 of the original Naruto manga.


The aftermath of Sasuke and Naruto’s attacks devastate the landscape around them, and even decapitates the statues of Madara and Hashirama. The shock-waves from their clash are felt even by Kakashi as he watched on. Though both their chakras reserves are severely depleted, the duo continue to fight on, clashing relentlessly with fierce taijutsu, while remembering their time in the Academy practising Traditional Shinobi Sparring. Back on the battlefield, Sakura finally wakes up then immediately inquires about the current situation. The duo’s battle soon diminishes to weak exchanges.

Kurama is able to mould some chakra and give it to Naruto, but before he can use it, Sasuke absorbs it to use it for his own finishing blow. As he prepares to deliver what he calls his strongest attack, Sasuke declares that he would finally be alone and bids Naruto farewell.


  • A Naruto: Colour Edition version of this chapter was included with the digital release of Weekly Shōnen Jump 2014 #48.

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