National Police agents save a two-year-old girl who had fainted and was not breathing

Agents of the National Police have saved this weekend in Valencia a minor between two and three years old who had fainted and was not breathing. A patrol took the little girl to the hospital, escorted by several police cars, and during the journey one of the agents managed to revive her.

The events occurred around 4:23 p.m. on Saturday, when Room 091 received a call that warned that a little girl was not breathing, on a street in the Marítim district, near Malvarrosa beach, sources have explained to Europa Press of the security forces.

A patrol of the National Police that was nearby went to the place. Upon arrival, the agents met a large group of people in the street, very nervous, and a woman holding her daughter. The minor was unconscious and not breathing.

The policemen then proceeded to perform external stimuli, but the little girl did not respond. Given the urgency of the situation, they decided to transfer the girl and her mother in the patrol vehicle to the Clinical Hospital.

To make the journey as fast as possible, several police cars escorted the vehicle in which the minor was traveling, covering the vehicle through several streets.

At the same time, in the car that was transporting the girl, while one of the officers was driving, another of the policemen began cardiopulmonary resuscitation maneuvers and the little girl regained consciousness in the car, during a journey that lasted about five minutes.

Thus, thanks to the resuscitation of this agent, the girl was already breathing and was conscious when she arrived at the hospital, where she was admitted, according to the same sources.