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The vote of Franz Beckenbauer at FIFA Executive Committee for the election of the headquarters of the 2018 World Cup would have been offered to Russia in exchange for 3 million euros and 1.5 million more in case of success, according to information from Der Spiegel. The offer, according to the magazine, would have been made by a Beckenbaur advisor, Fritz Radmann.

Der Spiegel refers to some emails that have been published on the Russian platform The insider. In one of those emails a member of the committee to promote the Russian candidacy, Alexander Dschordschadse, reports an alleged change of position of Beckenbauer after some "contacts".

"I used to support the English candidacy. But after having contacts with Australian candidacy consultants we have received the information that FB is willing to support the Russian candidacy," the email says. "A meeting in Moscow with representatives of the candidacy is desired. Beckenbauer's advisor, Fedor Radmann, offers his vote in exchange for a generous consideration," he adds.

Franz Beckenbauer, in an act of promotion of the 2006 World Cup.


Russia's election to host the 2018 World Cup was held in 2010. In 2012 Beckenbauer signed a contract as a sports ambassador for a Russian gas consortium. Beckenbauer had already been confronted by alleged irregularities in his role as chairman of the organizing committee of the 2006 World Cup.

(More information: Beckenbauer, one of the defendants for fraud in the German World case)