New trend in bridal fashion?

Until an effective drug or vaccine against the coronavirus is found, we will have to get used to living with a mask. And this also carries over to the world of fashion. So far we have seen how many brands have launched their own masks, somewhat more sophisticated than those of pharmacies. And in terms of trends in bridal fashion we are seeing brides with mask.

We have appreciated it in the Valmont Barcelona Bridal Week which is being held these days without an audience, of course, where there are several streaming parades. In this case, the firm Sophie et Voilà has taken a new narrative discourse with brides with a mask.

It seems that it is going to be a trend during 2021 while all this lasts. Well, either future wives go like this or then they can catch it and do it to others on the happiest day of their life.

Thus and among the accessories that the brand has presented in this outstanding fashion show are the protective fabric masks, offered as an indispensable complement.

Captivating costumes with included mask

The collection of this firm adapts to the needs of current women, each one different and with its particularities. For this Sophie et Voilà commitment to eclecticism, on which the label’s latest bridal collection for the 2021 season is built.

According to the owner of the firm’s director, Sofia Arribas, “Every woman should be able to wear white without losing the essence of who she really is.”

The show featured classic bridal patterns, tubular silhouettes and sculptural volumes, 70s-inspired dresses in a ‘mini’ key, wedding suits with pants or ‘crop tops’ with oversized bows. And all this with a built-in mask.

Black and white

In this way, with white dresses and black masks, a combination of classic but different colors has opened. We know that black is the flagship color of elegance and sobriety while white is that purity of every bride on this magical day and that is represented in the dresses.

The fabrics used by this firm are silk crêpes overlapping others, more innovative, such as mikado, trussord or silk organzas.

In short, it is about breaking the scheme and going something more different for those brides who do not want to be princesses on their wedding day. What a shows great personality without diminishing femininity.

The firm explains that “Our land and the color black as a counterpoint to white remain our hallmarks.”

Paola Dominguín in the parade

The daughter of bullfighter Luis Miguel Dominguín and actress Lucía Bosé, and a model, has been one of the recognizable faces of the Sophie et Voilà fashion show at Valmont Barcelona Bridal Week. The model has walked as she did all her life and, regarding the pandemic, has stated that she lives in the country and has almost no social life, so it has not affected him so much in his day to day. Let’s not forget that she lost her mother, actress Lucía Bosé because of Covid-19. She has been very happy to get on the catwalk again after a while without doing it.

On the catwalk, Dominguín has worn a wedding dress with wide straps and a V-neckline made in silk crepe and with a tulle muslin overlay marked with ruffles at the bottom.

She has not paraded with a mask, but it should be noted that it will be one of the accessories for next season if this virus is still here and it seems that things continue as we all know, unfortunately.