Nikola Mirotic: "Some do not exceed that I am in Barça"

Nikola Mirotic He is dazzling on his return to the ACB. The Spanish power forward of Montenegrin origin has been making stratospheric numbers both in Euroleague and in the national competition. This Friday, Barça, visit the Zalgiris track in Kaunas in search of returning to the path of victory in Europe after the defeat against Armani Milan.

The Barça player spoke on Thursday in the previous game and denied that there is discomfort in the locker room with Pesic. He assures that he does not lead any riot against his technician and he blames these accusations on his presence in the Barça team. "This happens because I am at Barça and there are a lot of people screwed," said the former Milwaukee Bucks.

"This (riot accusations) It happens because I'm in Barça and there are a lot of people screwed, many people who have not overcome it and who will not overcome it. I don't say anything to anyone, it's their life, but it hurts. The reasons they will have. We have to enjoy and we are doing it, "he told the media.

"What they do, or what they want is to look at the looks, numbers, things like that and then they think and write what they want. It is your job, what we have to do is move on and talk on the track, and that is what we are doing; we are winning, "said the Spanish international.

In addition, he believes that these articles are written from evil and since that time he has not overcome his signing for Barça. "We are first tied in the Euroleague, we are doing well in the League, there is a lot of talk about this team and there are positive people but, of course, there are other people with a lot of evil and we know very well who they are. What they want is to try to break the team and the dynamics, bad things are spoken about me, like the last thing that has come out, "he explained.

"There are bad people who will always speak badly"

"It is normal for this team to lose a match, or win like Fuenlabrada, which was just. This is Barça and it is good to talk about us in the good, but there are bad people who will always speak badly and see us with negative eyes. You have to move on from them, "he added.

Finally, on this issue, he said that in Barça, both players, coaches, managers and fans are all "very close and more excited than ever." "What's going on? That we started well, we are where we want to be with all the casualties and injuries we have had; of thirteen official matches we have won ten, "he celebrated.

"The team is tired but this is basketball and this is part of the game. I am very happy, just like my teammates, and the team is growing. We have now had that loss of Victor (Claver) but the team is eager and wants to respond, "he concluded.