Nine arrested for the murder of a teacher perpetrated by a Chechen jihadist in France

The alleged attacker of a beheaded teacher on the outskirts of Paris on Friday, days after showing his students cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad, is an 18-year-old man of Chechen origin born in Russia, judicial sources reported Saturday.

The victim was beheaded in the middle of the street near the school where he worked in Conflans-Sainte-Honorine, a small town of 35,000 inhabitants located 50 km from Paris. Immediately after the attack, the police tried to detain a man armed with a knife in the area who threatened them, which caused the officers to open fire and the alleged assailant died.

Five more people were arrested in France on the night from Friday to Saturday after the crime, bringing the number of those arrested to nine.

According to judicial sources, among the last five arrested are two parents of students from the institute where the victim worked. These people reportedly had a discussion with the teacher after the teacher showed the Muhammad cartoons to the students during a class.

Three people who belong to the aggressor’s environment without being relatives are also detained.

Hours earlier, four other people from the aggressor’s family had also been arrested, including a minor.

The alleged perpetrator of the crime had no criminal record although he had committed a minor offense. The security services had also not registered a possible radicalization of the suspect.

After the crime, the national anti-terrorist prosecutor’s office opened an investigation for “murder in connection with a terrorist company” and “terrorist criminal association”.

President Emmanuel Macron immediately went to the scene of the assassination and called on “the whole nation” to rally around the teachers to “protect and defend them.” “Not pass. The obscurantism and the violence that accompanies it will not win, “said the president.

In January 2015, the newsroom of the French satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo, which had published controversial cartoons of Muhammad, was attacked by two jihadists and 12 people were killed. On November 13 of that same year, Paris was the scene of several simultaneous jihadist attacks that caused 130 deaths and 350 injuries. In all, 259 people have been killed in France since 2015 in attacks by radical Islamists.