North Korea launches two new short-range projectiles towards the sea of ​​Japan

In a new arms challenge, the regime of North Korea has launched this tuesday two projectiles short range towards the sea of ​​Japan, according to the South Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff, which is now trying to determine the exact type of missile that would have been used.

The projectiles were fired from the city of Kaechon (South Pyongan) at 6.53 and at 7.12 hours. The missiles flew about 330 kilometers and reached an altitude of up to 60 kilometers before falling into the sea, according to the South Korean report.

The North Korean authorities have expressed on several occasions that they are developing new weapons to counter military threats and existing pressures against their own security.

Resume conversations

The projectiles have been launched just a few hours after Pyongyang propose to resume talks with the US Administration at the end of September with a view to retaking contacts that remain frozen since the failed February summit between their respective leaders, Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump.

Its about eighth release made by North Korea since Trump and Kim met at the border between the two Koreas last June, when they agreed to resume negotiations, something that has not yet happened.

A senior Trump administration official said they "are aware of the launch of projectiles by North Korea." "We continue to monitor the situation and we are consulting our allies in the region," he said.