OKDIARIO becomes the fourth fastest growing medium in SEO visibility in 2019

As every year by these dates, Sixtrix publishes its IndexWatch with the domains that have had the greatest growth in SEO positioning over the previous year. And in 2019 OKDIARIO has reaped the fruits of its SEO strategy, becoming the fourth fastest growing in absolute terms, adding 74 points to its visibility index.

Sixtrix is ​​the main tool in the digital analytics market to measure the SEO performance of a web page. Their indexes are a reference on the visibility that the different domains have at the positioning level, a strategy that helps, for example in the case of the media, to increase the number of visits.

The ranking published by Sixtrix focuses on SEO positioning at the mobile level – for years its visibility is well above the desktop or tablets – and gives a good image of who has developed a better strategy to capture traffic on Google.

In the ranking of the 20 sites that have grown the most in SEO in Spain, OKDIARIO occupies the thirteenth place. The leader in this list is the Royal Academy of the Spanish Language (rae.es) has increased its SEO visibility by almost 400 points. But if we focus solely on digital media, we see that the newspaper directed by Eduardo Inda will be placed in the fourth position.

The first is lavanguardia.com whose strategy to capture users and pages has led him to place himself in the last Comscore – listed by the official media meter in Spain – in the first position in terms of users. For years, the newspaper of the Godó group has opted for SEO as the main recruitment strategy.

In second place is elespanol.com. The ‘content farm’ of Pedro J. Ramírez relies on SEO as a growth strategy in this 2019 that, together with the acquisition of portals, has led him to be in the top 5 media according to comScore data.

In third position would be elmundo.es that has responded to the threat posed by lavanguardia.com, also relying on its SEO strategy. It remains to be known if in the 2019 index the newspaper of Editorial Unit can be penalized by the introduction of a payment wall that closes certain contents only accessible to subscribers.

Finally, OKDIARIO is placed in fourth position surpassing media such as elpaís.com, abc.es or elconfidencial.com that, having more years of baggage and a greater number of readers have not been able to overcome the strategy of Eduardo Inda's newspaper.