OKDIARIO present in the works against the fire in the petrochemical plant that exploded in Tarragona

OKDIARIO has been present in the area affected by the explosion at the petrochemical plant in Tarragona, which on Tuesday left a balance of one deceased, one missing and eight injured, and that has shaken the entire city. It was about seven in the afternoon when a tremendous explosion was seen, heard and felt throughout the town.

As the Bombers have explained about 20.20 hours, ethylene oxide burns in a controlled manner and they have managed to reduce the intensity of the flames that affect the deposit where the reserve of this substance is located.

The Bombers, who have cooled the tank and checked the enclosure, have explained that the explosion would have caused other small fires that affect other facilities in the industry.

As can be seen in the images that we have collected at the scene of the explosion, police officers and emergency services were working hard at night, controlling the flow of vehicles. For a good part of the day, access by car was cut.

The explosion in an ethylene oxide tank at the chemical company Iqoxe in La Canonja (Tarragona) on Tuesday has triggered just after a second explosion in a light transformation station, detailed the Minister of Interior of the Generalitat, Miquel Buch.

A total of 29 Bombers of the Generalitat continue working on the fire of the industry of La Canonja (Tarragona), in the extinction of the tank affected by the explosion. The Bombers have sent to the Grec unit, specialized in structural collapses, to make a review of the buildings of the industrial premises to guarantee the total stability of the constructions. Inside the company 40 firefighters work and abroad they have an equivalent endowment prepared to take over or to act if necessary.