Once Again

Once Again” (もう一度, Mō Ichido, Viz: Once More) is chapter 680 of the original Naruto manga.


Plummeting to their death in the molten lava below, Sasuke summons Garuda who cushions his fall mid-air. Relieved that they had an escape plan, Naruto directs Sasuke to where Kakashi, Sakura and Obito where, quickly realising they’re safe from impending doom. Thanks to Kakashi’s own quick-thinking, he is able to fashion a rope out of a scroll and pins Obito to a wall using a kunai. Naruto questions Sasuke’s complete disregard for his companions’ well-being but Sasuke retorts that the two of them were the last hope for humanity. While agreeing with Sasuke, Naruto however notes that there were simply times when a person’s body moved instinctively to protect someone.

Discontented with Naruto and Sasuke’s survival, Kaguya uses her Byakugan to launch a pinpoint attack on her targets which is successful in damaging the hawk’s wing despite Sasuke erecting a partially formed Susanoo defensive. Simultaneously, the heat from the lava burns through the scroll and the team end up in the same predicament once more only to be saved by Naruto and his new ability to fly and his chakra arms. Irked by this beyond measure, Kaguya launches a full on assault noting that chakra should be hers alone and she would once again unite all chakra. Meanwhile, the Hokage all move towards the epicentre of the new battle as Madara’s Truth-Seeking Balls and chakra disrupting blades begin to disappear. Kaguya and Naruto proceed to go fist to fist with their chakra arms, before Naruto is buffeted by one of her attacks, leaving her open to an attack from Sasuke from overhead with his Susanoo.

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