One dead and seven injured in petrochemistry

22:01 The Minister of Health of Catalonia confirms that the total balance at this time is seven injured as a result of the accident. Of them, there is one in critical condition, another serious, and five wounded of a milder nature.

21:55 Firefighters are still working to extinguish the fire. The figure has already increased to a total of 29 endowments.

21:44. Civil Protection has already completely lifted the confinement in all areas. We remember that it was already determined that the air was not toxic after the explosion.

21:37 Firefighters begin to take the fire for granted.

21:31 IQOXE workers begin to leave the plant "very affected".

21:20 Firefighters are reviewing the structures of nearby buildings. «We must guarantee the total stability of the constructions».

21:11 Firefighters are now struggling to cool adjacent tanks, where there are also chemicals.

21:06 The minister confirms that "there is no toxicity in the air".

21:01 According to firefighters, in the building where the deceased was located, he would have yielded a structural element in one of the five floors of the same.

20:53 The Interior Minister says that the missing person "may not be in the factory when the explosion has occurred." There is no news about this person yet.

20:48 Pedro Sánchez says in a message on social networks that «we remain very attentive to the information that comes to us about the fire in a petrochemical polygon of La Canonja, in Tarragona, which has caused several injuries and extensive damage. I have contacted the president of the Generalitat to offer the necessary support ».

20:42. Renfe has reactivated the rail service.

20:38 There would also be a missing person, according to plant workers, in addition to the balance of one deceased and six injured.

20:33 You have to wait for all the ethylene oxide that has burned to burn in order to put out the fire. There are already 24 firefighters who have moved to the place.

20:30 So far, the balance would be one dead and six injured.

20:29 The deceased would have lost his life as a result of the blast wave of the explosion.

20:27 The affected petrochemical company had opened a new block at the plant just six months ago.

20:24. A person has died from the collapse of a house near the site of the explosion, in Torreforta. It is investigated if the collapse has been related to the explosion.

20:22 Emergencies explains that the cloud is not toxic, it has no harmful effects on health.

20:21 The roads that had been contracted as a precaution are already being reopened.

20:18 The explosion would have been in a reactor of the petrochemical facility.

20:17 Some information talks about five being injured. No dead at the moment.

20:13 Firefighters check inside the enclosure to confirm that no one is trapped inside the affected facility.

20:10 The good news is that no more injuries have been confirmed beyond the four who are being transferred for treatment.

20:05 Pedro Sánchez has already contacted Quim Torra. The contact is permanent from the beginning through the Government Delegation in Catalonia.

20:04 Quim Torra and Interior Minister Miquel Buch are moving to Tarragona.

20:01 Firefighters indicate that the condition is not external to the area of ​​the polygon and the alarms will not be sounded. In the affected area, confinement should be carried out if there is smoke.

19:58 There are already 20 firefighters in the area of ​​the explosion.

19:55. The four injured have already been transferred by emergency services. One of them would be in a serious situation.

19:53 This is ethylene oxide, the chemical behind the explosion in Tarragona.

19:48. Recommendations for confinement: close doors and windows, do not use air conditioning and cover any holes and, in short, prevent the entry of air from the outside.

19:45. Traffic has been restricted on the N-340 road, which crosses the southern polygon of the Tarragona petrochemicals. In that area there are several companies that are dedicated to chemicals.

19:42. Civil Protection confirms that the confinement is limited to the area of ​​La Pineda, in Vilaseca, to the areas of Bonavista and the Universidad Laboral, in Tarraogna, in addition to the town of La Canonja, where the petrochemical facility was located.

19:40 Renfe has interrupted the circulation of trains between Tarragona-Reys and Tarragona Port Aventura.

19:38 More than half an hour after the explosion, almost an hour later, the confinement sirens sound in Tarragona.

19:37 The rumbling crystals have been heard for several kilometers around the explosion in the petrochemical plant.

19:35 At the moment, there are four injured, one of them in serious condition.

19:33 The External Emergency Plan of the Chemical Sector of Catalonia has been activated, all available police forces are already activated, in addition to ten fire brigades at the moment.

19:28 The company in which the explosion happened is IQOXE, Chemical Industries of Ethylene Oxide.

19:27 This is how the explosion is seen from the streets of Tarragona.

19:24. So far, there would already be up to 300,000 people evacuated in the area.

19:22 Civil Protection has urged residents of the area to close all doors and windows of homes. in the towns of Tarragona, Salou, Vilaseca, Reus, Constantí, El Morell and La Canonja.

19:20 Some information suggests that some of these injured would have received serious damage. The explosion was heard from many points both in Tarragona and on the outskirts of the town.

19:15 A large explosion in a petrochemical factory in Tarragona has shaken the Catalan town on the afternoon of this Tuesday. This explosion has left, for the moment, several injured, one of them by cuts in the face. The explosion has happened at the La Canonja petrochemical plant, firefighters have confirmed.