One of the rescued priests: “I’m trapped on the fifth floor!”

One of the priests who was in the parish building on Toledo Street where there was a gas explosion has recorded some images from the inside, once everything has been blown up, to ask for help. I’m stuck on the fifth floor. There is a fire and I don’t know if they will be able to rescue me.

The testimony of the religious is dramatic. Right after the explosion that practically destroyed three of the five floors of the parish building, he recorded a video to ask for help. Our house just blew up through the gas pipe and I’m trapped on the fifth floor. There is a fire and I cannot go down. So that you come and get me because I don’t know if they are going to rescue ».

It must be remembered that there are three dead and one missing after the strong explosion registered in Madrid. At first the Government Delegation reported four fatalities, later corrected the figure, and now confirms the three deaths and the search for another person. A building located at 104 Calle Toledo exploded in the early afternoon causing numerous material damage and at least eight injuries. In the building there is a nursing home.

Two of the three people who have passed away they are an octogenarian man and woman. There are at least eight injured: six minor, one less serious due to a broken leg and another serious due to burns to the legs and a thoracic trauma, who have been transferred to La Paz hospital.

Two priests are in good condition, another has been transferred to the hospital and a member of the parish who is not a member of the clergy remains missing.

Sources of the Government delegation in the Community of Madrid They have confirmed that the origin of the explosion was a gas explosion. In fact, at the moment the emergency services cannot locate an operator who had come to the building to check the boiler.