“Only with your help can we win”

The Belarusian opposition leader, Svetlana Tijanovskaya, on Monday called on the EU to move forward in Belarus, ensuring that pressure from the international community is essential for Minsk to open up to negotiate a transition in the country.

In a statement in the European Parliament together with the president of the institution, David Sassoli, the Belarusian leader denounced that the president, Alexander Lukashenko, refuses to maintain a dialogue, despite the massive demonstrations against his re-election.

For this reason, he considers “very important” any help that may come from European countries to unblock the situation. “I ask everyone to be firm about the situation in our country. We are important to the world and only with the help of the international community will we be able to win our battle for a democratic Belarus, “he said.

Likewise, he has demanded that all countries withdraw recognition of Lukashenko as president, since “he is not legitimate in the eyes of the Belarusians.” “They have stolen our votes,” he said of the Minsk authorities.

And he thanked the European Parliament for passing a resolution last week in which it did not recognize the reelection of Lukashenko as president of the country and demanded speed from the EU member states to apply sanctions, which include the Belarusian president, against those responsible for the electoral fraud and repression in the country.

Tijanovskaya is visiting Brussels this Monday where he has been able to hold an informal meeting with the EU Foreign Ministers and their High Representative, Josep Borrell. Despite the fact that it has received the support of capitals, sanctions against those responsible for fraud in Belarus are not expected for this Monday due to the lack of unanimity in the Council, since Cyprus blocks the process by demanding similar measures against Turkey for its belligerence in the eastern Mediterranean.

Sassoli supports a peaceful transition

Sassoli, for his part, has denounced the continued repression in Belarus and has expressed his support for a democratic transition. “We believe that the citizens of Belarus should be the only ones who write their destiny. The only viable solution is a peaceful transition of power, “he argued.

The Italian socialist has pointed out that thousands of compatriots from Tijanovskaya continue to be detained and many have suffered torture and harassment. “For 45 days people have demonstrated in the streets demanding their right to choose the future of their country,” he insisted.

In his view, the current situation is “unacceptable” and Lukashenko must release those detained and participate in a dialogue with the Coordination Council, an opposition body designed to promote a democratic transition in the country.