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Dozens of people remain missing this Saturday in the state of Oregon amid a wave of large fires that burn the entire western US, and authorities have already warned of a possible “massive misfortune” of loss of human life.

The local authorities of the state have confirmed up to seven deaths – according to the count of the local newspaper The Oregonian– which, added to those that occurred in recent weeks and those of the neighboring states of California and Washington, raise the total number of deaths from fires since mid-August to more than twenty.

In the midst of chaos the forecasts on the disappeared are not encouraging at all, and the director of emergency management for the state, Andrew Phelps, indicated that they are preparing for a “massive misfortune” of loss of human life, a term used in the United States to refer to incidents in which it is estimated that there is a large number of dead people that for the moment cannot be confirmed.

Burned area in Oregon.

Less evacuated

In one of the few positive notes in recent hours, Oregon Gov. Kate Brown, a Democrat, admitted an error in the information previously released by her office that up to half a million people had been evacuated by the fires, and reduced the figure is around 40,000.

The 500,000 initially targeted by state officials (representing 10% of the entire state population) are not people who have already been evacuated, but people who have been informed to prepare to leave their homes in case it is necessary, Brown clarified.

Of the multiple active fires in the state, dhers of greatest concern are outside Portland, the most populous city in Oregon, and the rest are spread across the western half of the region, especially the south.

In total, 404,865 hectares have already been burned in the state in the last few days, mostly forest mass.

A year of black records

Although the forecasts remain bleak, the weather conditions improved slightly this Saturday, with less intense winds and higher humidity, which momentarily relieved the work of the firefighters and allowed them some progress in the containment tasks.

South of Oregon California continues to break records in a year in which it has already recorded both the largest fire in its history recently as the highest annual number of hectares burned ever recorded, with more than 1,214,056.

Most of the fires broke out in mid-August due to an unusual electrical storm in the region, and since then the dryness, strong winds and high temperatures have caused them to spread at high speed across the length and breadth of the state.

One of the aspects that most concern the authorities is that this situation is occurring when October and November have not yet reached, which traditionally constitute the “season” of fires in California, so that in the coming months the circumstances could get even worse.

Trump will visit the state

A spokesman for the White House confirmed to Efe this Saturday that US President Donald Trump will visit California next Monday to find out “in situ” the situation in the fight against fires, after hold various electoral events throughout the weekend in neighboring Nevada and Arizona, two key states heading into the November presidential election.

The president will go to McClellan Park, in the vicinity of Sacramento, the Californian capital, where he will meet with local and state authorities to convey the last hour of the efforts against the flames.

Also this Saturday, the Democratic presidential candidate, Joe Biden, issued a statement in which he accused Trump of “denying the reality” of the climate crisis and warned that we must act “right now” to avoid a future “of tragedies. endless like the one that’s affecting the families of the American West “these days.