Osasuna did not have a good start this Sunday in the RCDE Stadium against him Spanish to fit a penalty goal of Marc Roca in the 18th minute, but traced in the three following the resumption with targets of Rubén García and Chimy Ávila, the latter after a clear defensive mistake. [Narration and statistics: Espanyol 2-4 Osasuna]

It also didn't help that Roncaglia saw the second yellow in the 52nd minute, since those of Jagoba Arrasate endured the score without excessive problems and even signed the third goal in 84. One more was missing: a penalty from Pipa on Chimy Avila that transformed Roberto Torres in the added time. And the innocuous 2-4 of Calleri then.

The red box began with greater dominance in the initial stages, although soon Espanyol regained its balance. The local insistence had prior. In the 18th minute, the referee consulted the VAR about a possible Roncaglia hand in the area when playing a ball with Wu Lei. The referee finally pointed out a penalty.

Marc Roca was in charge of the launch and the youth player solved it with a good shot that deceived the goal Juan Perez. Osasuna was not intimidated to be below the scoreboard and surrounded the area of Diego Lopez, but it was difficult to arrive clearly and he sought the goal with distant shots from Chimy Ávila and Roberto Torres.

Those of Arrasate, despite not defining with forcefulness, gradually regained control of the encounter. Espanyol had trouble having the ball and his chances had been greatly reduced. The clearest, an assistance of Wu Lei to Pedrosa that the left side headed over the crossbar just before the break.

Osasuna replied bluntly and tested the reflections of Diego Lopez, who drew a stellar hand to avoid the tie of Robert Torres, who tried his fortune from the front of the area. The goal, cheered by his fans, was one of the clear protagonists of the first half.

In the resumption, Diego López was not enough for Espanyol. It took Arrasate's pupils 28 seconds to see the door and cool to the RCDE Stadium. Stupiñán took advantage of a defensive mismatch to center a ball to Rubén García, who jumped over the defenders and beat the goalkeeper to sign 1-1.

Oasuna's reaction was not over. Bernardo gave the ball to the goal, Chimy Avila stole it and scored 1-2. Espanyol had gone from controlling the scoreboard to seeing himself from behind in just three minutes. The anger of his coach, Pablo Machín, in the band it was evident, although the technician requested tranquility to calm the nerves of his equipment.

The game returned to live a script twist in the 52nd minute, when Roncaglia saw the second yellow card and left the pitch. Espanyol entered Calleri to seek a tie with more gunpowder. The Argentine striker was close to achieving it, but Juan Perez He wore at the goal.

Machin doubled the offensive start and entered Melendo for Calero and Piatti, who returned after an injury, by Pedrosa. All changes exhausted in the 68th minute. Osasuna, meanwhile, minimized risks, but without neglecting the intensity and, although he was with one player less, had the meeting where he wanted.

The host played with precipitation in the final stages. Long passes and inaccurate centers were the entire blue and white repertoire in that section. Their arrivals to the area were forced and did not guarantee any clear chance of scoring. The reds did not suffer despite being with ten players.

Moreover, Osasuna finished off his opponent with the third target after a against Moncayola, who took advantage of the nth dismissal of the local team in the 84th minute. And another one: a penalty that Roberto Torres scored in the added time. The RCDE Stadium exploded and the parakeet fans charged the players and the board.

Jonathan Calleri was released in the 93rd minute and signed a bit that did not serve to make up the bad game of Espanyol nor to calm the spirits of his followers.