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The coach of Spanish, Pablo MachínHe was very blunt after the defeat against Osasuna at RCDE Stadium (2-4) and said he needs "real uncles and soccer players" and that you can't "go around with peeps".

Machín said that a change of urgent dynamics is very necessary because his team is penultimate in the classification, five points from salvation, and faces a complicated calendar until the end of the year 2019. "Maybe we think more than we really are" , said.

The technician acknowledged that he is annoyed by the situation of the block: "I assume all the responsibility. I am not the one who puts them or the one who stops them or the one who competes with the rival, but I am the captain of the ship and I am screwed. We must be uncles and we are very just. You have to put what you have to put. "

"I am worried not only the attitude, but also, why not say it, the ability. Make no mistake, it is not a problem just head," he said.

Questioned in case he has decided to resign from the position before the current scenario, Machín denied it emphatically: "I am an uncle who has come here knowing that he is screwed, but I am convinced that we are going to take him forward. I will kill myself to to be able to do it with the players. "

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