Óscar Casas burns the nets with his most sensual dance with his girlfriend

Despite his famous last name, Óscar Casas has managed to escape the long shadow of his brother, Mario Casas, and make a name for yourself andn the world of talent-based interpretation and much effort. Although comparisons are inevitable, especially given how much they look alike, the young man has just shown that has secret ability which, for now, Mario has not boasted.

The young man has just shared on his social networks the one that will undoubtedly become one of his most watched videos and is that it appears starring in a sensual dance with his girlfriend, Begoña Vargas.

Gazes loaded with sensuality, caresses, moving hips and a lot of rhythm with which the couple has not only demonstrated that it has a lot of chemistry, but that they were also prepared to leave everyone with their mouths open.

Mario Casas has earned his credit / instagram.com/oscar_casas_

The publication has not gone unnoticed even Mario Casas himself, who has taken the opportunity to claim his share of merit. «I taught him to dance, you're welcome», Blanca Suárez's boyfriend wrote in a “storie”, making it clear that he has a very good relationship with his little brother.