Paula Echevarría announces the sex and name of the baby she is expecting with Miguel Torres

Paula Echevarría and Miguel Torres have revealed the two best kept secrets of pregnancy: the sex of the baby. The first child in common of both will be a boy and will be called Miguel. The couple wanted to make it official on the actress’s Instagram account in a very original way, with balloons forming the phrase “It’s a boy” and a great expression of joy: She with a gesture of happiness and he looking at the inflatables.

As it is, speculation is over and Daniella Bustamante, who has not appeared in the image, will have a baby brother. The sex of the child was a matter that had been discussed in recent weeks, especially as a result of the fact that on Instagram the Asturian woman joked with Miguel Torres about the boy’s tastes: «Who was going to tell you that you were going to be the father of a sportinguista? ». It should be remembered that the Madrid native was a footballer and that he hung up his boots last year to dedicate himself to other things, including giving Paula Echevarría more time.

The interpreter of ‘Wave of crimes’ is in the first trimester of pregnancy and is taking advantage of this very negative stage that we have had to live to take care of ourselves as much as possible. Since she announced that she was expecting a baby, the expectation she has raised has been maximum and she has taken it with the naturalness that characterizes her, although it is true that sometimes the presence of the press has bothered her wherever she went.

There is no doubt that the birth of a child is a giant step in this beautiful love story that Miguel Torres and Paula Echevarría have built. Together they have overcome all kinds of obstacles, starting with the distance that separated Malaga from Madrid in the first months of their relationship, as well as all the controversy that the romance generated. Last year they settled in the new house that Paula built in Villanueva del Pardillo and they lead a quiet life there. The former footballer cannot complain at work either since he collaborates with ‘El chiringuito de Jugones’, a reference program of sports journalism every night.

The arrival of Miguel Jr. is expected in early 2021 and once they see the face of their first child together, their next step may be down the altar to give themselves a yes, I do, which seems inevitable. Congratulations, partner!