Paula Echevarría brings out her less friendly side

It’s been two years since Paula Echevarría and David Bustamante separate their paths, but it seems that their paths will remain intertwined forever. There are still some fringes of a rupture that paralyzed the social chronicle completely and that made them worthy of notable media attention.

Just a few hours ago, the Cantabrian artist gave a sincere interview to Toñi Moreno in ‘Un año de tu vida’, the program that he conducts on Canal Sur every Monday night, in which he opened up like never before to talk about his separation from the Asturian. Until now it had been little less than a taboo subject, but David Bustamante complained bitterly about the treatment he received and the pain he suffered: “If I say I don’t want to talk about something because it hurts, leave it there. That they do not continue to insist on me day after day because it hurts », he commented excitedly to the presenter from Cadiz.

The interpreter of ‘Heroes’ made it clear that the harmony between the ex-marriage is total: “Our relationship is incredibly good. We are family and we will always be, as good friends and, above all, parents of a girl. Precisely, Bustamante broke his silence to pronounce his first words about the new pregnancy of the mother of his only daughter: «It is the most beautiful thing that can happen, that a child is born. And even more so if she is my daughter’s little brother or sister. I was talking to them yesterday. Daniella is happy, older sister now and everyone is very happy.

Paula Echevarría’s reaction

Paula Echevarría / Gtres

Less than 24 hours later, it was time to know the actress’s opinion about this surprising sincerity from her daughter’s father. Paula’s response has been very tense silence. Iron secrecy before the press that was waiting for her in her last outing and not only that but also has shown his less affable face. Echevarría walked seriously, with a firm step and without answering any of the reporters’ questions.

The most tense moment has taken place when he has reached the place where he had to fulfill his commitment and has approached the journalists to ask them if they could leave the house. Let us remember that Madrid capital remains confined. Maybe you didn’t like David Bustamante’s words?