Paula Echevarría celebrates the first birthday of her great illusion

“I decided that it was time to create my own project to reflect my personality, my style, my way of living the world of fashion and that is how Space Flamingo emerged.” Exactly one year ago, Paula Echevarría He was giving the starting gun to one of his most personal projects. The sweet expectation of her first child with Miguel Torres -who by the way will be a boy and will be named after his father- and the whispers of engagement – with a ring as a sign – have not been the only celebrations that the actress has celebrated on this calendar.

On October 16, 2019, Paula launched her own Spanish fashion brand with which she would bring her stamp, style and personality to the shop windows. ‘Space Flamingo ‘: A project that flooded Echevarría with enthusiasm, turning his love for fashion and trends into the design of his life.

Under the direction, supervision and creation of each of her garments, Paula Echevarría has totally turned herself into this dream. As it appears in the company’s technical sheet, a year ago it became Responsible and Creative Director of Space Flamingo thus entering the world of design. With the sweatshirt as the star garment, the actress also wanted her favorite animal to become the image of her brand. «The name and the concept is a mixture of my two passions: since I was a child I always dreamed of traveling to space and my favorite animal is flamenco », Paula assured at its launch.

Now, 365 days later, Paula can boast of having made a brand of her lifestyle. In all these days, the businesswoman has had to face the professional difficulties that the health epidemic they have put you ahead, however, your brand has endured and, in fact, has achieved much more impact. Despite the fact that their prices are not the most affordable, the universe made up of sports, casual and above all very comfortable clothing has been the most consumed in confinement. In addition, Paula’s presence on social networks has become much more notable, showing off her looks in each of her publications.

But not only that, knowing that her first image after the announcement of her pregnancy would have a great following and repercussion, she chose one of her fetish garments to reappear in front of the cameras. For the occasion, she chose a red puff-sleeved sweatshirt dress that is valued on her website at 90 euros.

Paula Echevarría appears after the announcement of her pregnancy with one of her garments from ‘Space Flamingo’ / Gtres

But who is behind this firm? Along with her, this project is made up of two other supportive partners on the board of directors of Salt & Sunt Project, the company that a year before was set up by Paila and her new adventure partners to give life to ‘Space Flamingo’. Unlike other coscones in which he surrounds himself with close friends, which leads to ‘al Flamenco del Espacio’ together with his representative Ana Tenorio and the photographer Ruben Fernandez, a prestigious creative on the national scene who has collaborated with celebrities such as Lara Álvarez, Blanca Suárez or Desiré Cordero.

A year of new challenges, illusions and above all dreams to fulfill that Paula always celebrates with a smile. Let the joys continue.