Pedro Sánchez does not support the new wealth tax that Pablo Iglesias has proposed

Pedro Sánchez He has indicated this Saturday, on the wealth tax proposed by United Podemos, that he prefers in fiscal matters to stick to the government agreement that he has signed with Podemos and that was presented to the investiture.

The President, who attended a telematic press conference at the Moncloa Palace, He indicated that the Podemos proposal should be debated in Congress: “That is where it will have to be debated.”

In this way Sánchez has not supported the tax on the wealth of churches, pointing out that “the Government agreement is the road map.” This roadmap contemplates an increase in personal income tax incomes above 130,000 euros, a higher taxation of capital income and a minimum rate in Corporation Tax, among others.

Along the same lines, and asked about the fact that some Spanish bank has expressed its fear that the Executive will approve a bank tax, Sánchez pointed out that the Government agreement between PSOE and Unidas Podemos is “public” and is its “sheet of route », an agreement that also does not include a tax on banks, although it does pay tribute to financial transactions, which is currently in parliamentary procedure, together with the” Google rate “.