Pedro Sánchez leaves a mortgage of more than 300,000 million public spending to the Government that comes out in the general elections of 10-N

The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, will leave the next Government to leave the polls (even if led by him) a ‘Gift’ poisoned. The State has committed in advance more than 300,000 million euros of public expenditure for the Budgets of the future, specifically 310,797.9 million euros, as can be extracted from the statistics of the General State Intervention (IGAE) on the "multiannual expenses of the State until September 30.

The strong speed of the long-term expenditure of the State, which is not paid with the Budgets in force, during the term of Pedro Sánchez is worrying. In just one year and three months it has grown by 7.7%, which means that the leader of the PSOE has not stopped spending public money (even at the cost of charging it to the next and subsequent legislatures) despite the fact that the Public Accounts that it has had in force were those designed by Cristóbal Montoro.

To get an idea of ​​what this amount of 310,797.9 million of long-term spending just put it in context: It doubles what it costs to pay all pensioners a single year and is equivalent to what, according to experts, could boost the economy submerged in the country.

The Payments committed state beyond each budget year (We must exclude the chapter that includes the financial liability, that is, the amortization of the debt) detract from the finances of the future. In short, the next generation is charged with the slab of public spending.

For example, when Sánchez arrived at the Government on "multi-year" goods and services expense amounted to 1,088 million euros and currently is 3,244 million. That is, it has tripled in a year and three months.

The debt interest that will have to be paid in the future have also grown: a year and three months ago it was 260.027 million euros and now has increased by more than 4,000 million to 264,309 million.

Do not forget that with Sánchez the public debt In the second quarter, it has set a new record, amounting to 1.21 billion euros, practically the equivalent of all the wealth generated by Spain in a year, as the statistics of the Bank of Spain show well.

Also, the real investments they have gone from 22,591 million euros in June 2018 to 28,597 million in September 2019. That is, 6,000 million more from the Public Accounts of the future, when Sanchez may not be president. Or yes, although those who will pay public spending will be, as always, citizens and businesses.