Placido Arango, awarded a posthumous prize by the King

Next Wednesday on King will grant the recently deceased Plácido Arango the "V Kingdom of Spain Award for Business Career" in an event to be held at the Prado Museum, the same place where the King and the businessman already agreed during the inauguration of the expansion of the art gallery that was made in 2007. And in addition to its business side, Arango was a great art fan and he was a member of the Royal Patronage of the Puseo del Prado, and president between 2007 and 2012, when he became honorary patron.

Plácido Arango, poses with the emeritus kings and other personalities in the opening acts of the extension of the Prado / Gtres Museum

This award is granted annually by the Entrepreneur Circle, Cercle d'Economy and the Basque Businesspeople Cycle with the aim of distinguishing a business career that has stood out especially that year for job creation, innovation, internalization and cooperation with society. This year the organizers wanted to give it to the founder of the VIPs hotel group, who died last day February 17th.

Placid Arango
Placido Arango next to the King / Gtres

Felipe VI will be accompanied in this act by the third vice-president of the Government, Nadia Calviño, and the presidents of the Cercle d'Economia, Circle of Basque Businessmen and Circle of Businessmen, Javier Faus, Javier Ormazábal and John de Zulueta, respectively.

This is the second prize awarded to Placido Arángo by the King, since in 2017 he was awarded the Prize ‘Enrique V Iglesias to the development of the Latin American business space’, that this time he could receive in his own hands.

Placid Arango
Placido Arango poses with the other attendees at the gala dinner of the inauguration of the extension of the Prado / Gtres Museum

The Kings they sent a telegram to the family of the Mexican businessman after hearing the news of his death. In this communication, the monarchs expressed their condolences and highlighted the humanity of the founder of the hotel group. In addition, they wanted highlight its commitment to Spain and Mexico and of course, his brilliant business and patronage career, which has earned him this recognition. For their part, the emeritus kings wanted to move in person to the burning chapel to say goodbye to Placido Arango, who had a close relationship with the Royal House.

Plácido Arango died Monday at age 88 old in Madrid. The Mexican of Asturian roots (he was the son of the emigrant Jerónico Arango Díaz) has carried out an impeccable trajectory within the VIPs group, which he founded. He has been responsible for its expansion, reaching 350 stores in Spain, among all the brands that VIP groups. Finally in 2018 he sold the chain to Alsea. Placido always showed interest in his Spanish roots and lived in his father's country since 1965.