He Real Madrid He knows that the summer of 2020 will be very important in his aspirations to sign one or two galactic. He tried this summer, in addition to Eden Hazard, but all the options ended up being impossible. Not a Mbappé who warned of his doubts at the end of the season, nor Pogba who did his best to leave the United, either Neymar That ended up staying in Paris. The white club did not want to mortgage a player and did not find it easily.

This summer took the first step of the renewal of the Madrid of the three Champions in a row They arrived Hazard, Jovic or Militao, which to a greater or lesser extent should take gallons this campaign. In winter, the possibility of signing a Eriksen, that if it doesn't end up like that, I could also sign for free from July. But Madrid is preparing to make a tough offensive in the next summer market for two galactic.

Pogba and Mbappé can be shot next summer. Two names that have been on the Madrid agenda for a long time and on which Zidane wants her project to turn in the white club. Months ago they found two walls. One of the PSG, who refused to part with his jewel while opening the door to Neymar, and the other of Manchester United, who entered a prohibitive price of 200 million euros.

Paul Pogba, with Manchester United


Pogba, one year later

The 'Pogba case' may have a simple resolution next summer. Real Madrid clings to the Hazard formula or Courtois, Kroos, etc. That is, sign a year before the end of your contract and, therefore, your march at zero cost. And is that the red devils They know that they are dangerously approaching this barrier and are not able to renew their star. Pogba continues in his thirteen to abandon a project that never ends and has so far rejected all United proposals.

Pogba wants to play at Real Madrid. It is clear. Mino Raiola, his agent, pressed to let him go to the Santiago Bernabeu and will try again next summer. That it comes out in winter is almost impossible since it would be practically a suicide for those of Solskjaer, who are in a delicate situation, let go of their best player. In summer they would be forced to sit down and negotiate ostentatiously their economic claims.

Kylian Mbappé, in The Best 2019. Photo: Instagram (@ k.mbappe)

Kylian Mbappé, in The Best 2019. Photo: Instagram (@ k.mbappe)

Mbappé's doubts in Paris

On the other hand is Mbappé, who ends the contract in 2022. The important thing is to avoid renewing his bond with the PSG, who is willing to throw the house through the window to tie his star. They will put a contract on the table that almost no one could refuse, but in the head of the young Kylian there are already some doubts that prevent him from signing for now. Another failure of the PSG in the Champions League could lead to the end of the Mbappé stage in Paris.

If this ends up happening, it will be the first summer in which Mbappé can press PSG to leave. It will not be easy and it is a complicated operation to be carried out in the summer of 2020. In any case, the first stones should be laid to ensure the Gallic by the Hazard formula in 2021. The key is to reject the crazy economic proposals that are going to do the PSG.

The two French mark the line of Madrid in the transfer market. The two big wishes of the club and Zidane. With them there would be a blow on the table both in the market and in sports. A huge leap in quality in a workforce that would have no comparison worldwide and that would encompass people like Hazard, Benzema or Kroos like Pogba and Mbappé. The summer of 2020 is marked in red on the white calendar.