Public sector workers earn 882 euros more than private workers and increase their difference

The best option to ensure a good salary in Spain is still the public sector, a trend that was reinforced after the years of economic crisis and that clearly shows how the Spanish labor market is structured: public employees and civil servants earn an average of 2,654 euros gross per month, which means 882 euros more than from the private sector, which earn an average of 1,772 euros.

This represents an average of 33.2% more gross salary in the public sector than in companies. And this difference has grown in recent years until 2018, the year in which there was so much a Government of Pedro Sanchez with the PSOE as one of Mariano Rajoy with the PP.

According to the data of the main employment salary decile based on data from the EPA, two thirds of public workers earn over 2,187 gross euros per month, while only 22.3% of private sector workers have this salary. In the public sector are included all Public Administrations as well as public companies and both workers assigned to Mutualities and those who contribute to Social Security.

The difference has increased in recent years. For example in 2013 they were 839 euros apart and in 2014 it was 834 euros apart.

According to the INE, this difference is due to "the greater seniority, the lower weight of part-time work and the higher percentage of employees with higher education"

According to the INE, the reasons for this remarkable difference in salaries are "the highest percentage of employees with higher education, the type of occupation performed, the lowest weight of part-time work and the greatest seniority."

With regard to high salaries, those that represent more than 3,441 gross euros per month in companies, these salaries represent only 7.8% of the total wage earners while in the public sector one of every five employees enters this salary. Almost half of public employees earn more than 2,674 euros gross per month, while in private companies those with such high salary tranches barely reach 15% of the total.