Rafa Mora reveals the exorbitant amounts that have been spent

It is not a secret for anyone that a while ago Kiko Rivera led a totally disorderly life of which details are known from time to time. This weekend it was the same one that revealed during his time on the ‘Saturday Deluxe’ program that he had become unfaithful to his wife, Irene Rosales, who had a drug addiction and is going through a very complicated emotional bump that It has nothing to do with their marriage, which is fine now. «I’m in the basement, in the bloody basement », he assured in a very sincere way.

Rafa Mora has put a figure on some of the «whims» of Kiko Rivera / Telecinco

One of the people who knows him best, his friend Rafa Mora, has given his opinion on the interview this Saturday in ‘Save me’, coming to assure that if Kiko does not have a good economic situation now it is because in the past he did not do things well and exorbitant amounts were spent. If Kiko himself had already spoken about this during his contest in ‘GH Duo’, more or less exact figures had never been known. Until now.

Likewise, Rafa Mora’s words were not what Kiko expected to hear in these moments in which he does not stop starring in the headlines, but the television collaborator has ended up saying that Rivera’s problem, a few years ago, was that he did not know how to be alone. “He was always accompanied by an entourage, he had about fifteen behind him and they all sucked on the boat”, said the Valencian, who thinks that “he has had few people around him who want him, and not just women. A case that, of course, is not theirs, as they have been good friends for several years.

Kiko rivera
According to Rafa Mora, Kiko always went with a large entourage to whom he paid everything / Gtres

But Rafa Mora has not finished there and has put a number to some of the most exorbitant whims of the dj, which came to be spent «until 25,000 euros on DVD Blu-Ray. They took them home and everything “or about 20,000 euros on a giant 70- or 80-inch television. Figures that, of course, have surprised the rest of the collaborators of ‘Save me’. «He played a lot of money and earned a lot. I was not centered.

Kiko Rivera, Irene Rosales
Kiko himself is aware that he did not make good decisions and that, therefore, now his economic situation is not as good as it could be / Gtres

In her worst days, Kiko seemed to burn her money and she had no problem making large outlays and indulging in whatever whims she felt like, even overnight. «Without coming to story I organized a trip and eight friends were going to Punta Cana » where the group could spend up to 15 days thanks to the ‘generosity’ of Isabel Pantoja’s son. Or we went to New York. There was a time when he carried the backpack with money and did not count the money he spent. I’m not the one to advise, but I told him so and he lived his way, ”Rafa finished, who despite everything has never stopped being by his side, not even in the most complicated moments.