Rafa Nadal – Sinner in live

(2-2) 30-30 The Italian who had everything done to win the point has failed the volley. The ball touches the tape and stays on its side.

(2-2) 15-30 Good right cross from Nadal to avoid the first break balls.

(2-2) 0-30 Nadal’s error. The Italian clenches his fist.

(2-2) 0-15 Sinner takes the lead with Nadal’s serve.

2-2 GAME FOR SINNER. The tables continue on the scoreboard and there has been no opportunity to break either.

(2-1) 15-40 Good service from Sinner

(2-1) 15-30 The Italian failed with the right reversed. Sinner sends her to the corridor, First point to the rest that Nadal takes.

(2-1) 0-30 The Italian approached the net and Nadal’s error arrived.

(2-1) 0-15 Contradejada Sinner to take the initiative with his service.

2-1 GAME FOR NADAL. Good counterfoot from Nadal to close the game. He has not given the option to break although the Italian has tightened more in this service of the Spanish.

Ad-40 Long rest of Sinner.

40-40 Nadal’s double fault!

40-30 The reverse parallel to Sinner is long but he was going with great intention….

30-30 Sinner read Nadal’s intentions and went to the right, just where Nadal shot from the net. Good point of the Italian.

30-15 First point to the rest in the match. It’s for Sinner.

30-0 Nadal’s good right hand. The Italian fails to return it.

15-0 Failure of the Italian. Nadal approached the net, and the Italian took the ball off the track.

1-1 BLANK GAME FOR SINNER. There have not yet been points to the rest in this beginning of the match between Nadal and Sinner at Roland Garros.

(1-0) 0-40 Spanish failure, the ball runs a lot to the Italian.

(1-0) 0-30 The Italian shortens the point with a drop, seeing that Nadal is in the back of the track.

(1-0) 0-15 Nadal’s first error. He hit him too hard and the ball does not enter the court.

1-0 BLANK GAME FOR NADAL. Good start for the Spanish in these quarterfinals of Roland Garros against Sinner. Close the game with a winning backhand.

40-0 Sinner’s long rest with Nadal’s second serve.

30-0 Now he tried to attack with the backhand, but the Italian went long. At the moment two errors by the Italian in this start of the game.

15-0 First point for Nadal in the match. The Spanish has moved his rival well and the Italian’s right-wing error has arrived. The ball flew over the track.

THE NADAL – SINNER BEGINS !! At the service, Nadal.

22:34 The warm-up is about to end. We are approaching the beginning of the meeting between Nadal and Sinner, live.

22:33 In this atypical Roland Garros 2020 we must add one more element: the strange time at which this match between Rafa Nadal and Jannik Sinner. But the wait is worth it when the twelve-time champion at Roland Garros: Rafa Nadal is already on the track. The Spaniard is looking for a ticket to the semifinals of his fetish tournament, for which he will have to beat Jannik Sinner.

22:30. The meeting between Rafael Nadal Y Jannik Sinner what are we going to live next live It is the first time it has been in the circuit. The number 2 and 75 of the ATP will compete for the second ticket to the semifinal of Roland Garros 2020 to face Diego Schwartzman.

22:23. Sinner, a 19-year-old Italian tennis player and number 75 in the ATP, was champion last year in the Next Gen, the Masters Cup played by players under 21 years of age. This is his first participation in Roland Garros and has already reached the quarterfinals. A situation like this has not been experienced since I achieved it Rafael Nadal 15 years ago. The Spaniard even took the title.

22:18 Iga Swiatek just won the match against Martina Trevisan, 6-3 and 6-1! That means they will be at the Philippe Chatrier in no time. Rafa Nadal and Jannik Sinner.

22:16. For its part, Jannik Sinner he has left only one set on his way through Paris. It was against Alexander Zverev, last rival before citing before Rafael Nadal in the 2020 Roland Garros quarterfinals, but resolved in three sets against Goffin, Benzi and Coria. As for games yielded in total, he has double that of the Spanish, 46 games lost.

22:13. Rafael Nadal has been planted in these Roland Garros quarter-finals without giving up any set along the way. He has only given 23 games in the four games he has played in Paris against Gerasimov, McDonald, Travaglia and Korda.

22:09. This Tuesday session has not yet finished in Roland Garros 2020, where it has been playing since eleven in the morning. We review what happened today at Roland Garros. Danielle Collins sealed the ticket to the quarterfinals against Jabeur, in a game that should have been played on Monday but was prevented by rain. Later, Argentina’s Nadia Podoroska has eliminated Svitolina to get into the semifinals. But it has not been the only joy for Argentine tennis. Diego schwartzman He has prevailed in a five-set battle against Dominic Thiem to get into the top four of the Grand Slam. El Peque expects a rival in the semis, who will come out of this Rafa Nadal – Jannik Sinner, the icing on the cake for a marathon tennis day. This match will be played after Swiatek – Trevisan is over.

22:04. We look at the Philippe Chatrier to see how the game between Swiatek and Trevisan is going, a meeting that precedes that of Rafael Nadal Y Jannik Sinner at Roland Garros. Right now, Swiatek is leading 6-3, 3-1 against Trevisan, so the match could be resolved in the next games.

21:55 hours. Goodnight! It has been expected … but we are here to live live he Rafa Nadal’s match at Roland Garros 2020. The Spanish tennis player is looking today for the ticket to the semifinals of the French Grand Slam for which he must overcome these Roland Garros quarter-finals before Jannik Sinner.

Rafael Nadal, number 2, and Jannik Sinner, number 75 of the ATP, are measured in Roland Garros 2020, in an unprecedented duel on the circuit so far. The current champion of the tournament faces the Italian tennis player, 19, who has agreed to the Roland Garros quarter-finals in his first participation in the Parisian Grand Slam. This circumstance has not been lived in Paris for 15 years, with Rafa Nadal, precisely, as the protagonist.

This party of 2020 Roland Garros quarterfinals between Rafael Nadal Y Jannik Sinner it is scheduled in the fifth shift of the Philippe Chatrier, in a marathon day of tennis. The quarterfinal duel between Thiem and Schwartzman has lasted more than five hours, hence the delay in the start of the matches. In the end, the ticket was taken by Schwartzman 7-6.5-7.6-7, 7-6 and 6-2 after a real match against the finalist of Roland Garros 2018 and 2019, to meet in the semifinals with the winner del Nadal vs Sinner.

The match between Rafael Nadal Y Jannik Sinner, of 2020 Roland Garros quarterfinals, will start in a few minutes, once the duel between Iga Swiatek and Martina Trevisan is resolved.