Renfe achieves the largest public award in the history of Spain

The award you have achieved Renfe in the United States it is the largest that a Spanish public company has signed. And is that the Spanish public company provides enter about 6,000 million dollars (about 5,500 million euros) During the 16-year period in which the trains of the future AVE will operate between Dallas and Houston, in Texas (United States), a service will begin when in 2026 this line is finished being built and put into service, according to the company.

In December 2019, the public railway company obtained this contract, still pending signing, to operate the trains of which it will be the first line of United States High Speed.

Renfe will not exploit this bird With own trains. The operator will provide the service with the vehicles purchased by the group of private companies that this corridor promotes and, in addition, will be responsible for their maintenance.

As for the construction of the infrastructure of the High Speed ​​line, it is being carried out by the Italian company Salini Impregilo. Renfe She has been part of the Texas AVE project since October 2018, when she was chosen as a strategic partner to advise on its design and construction.

As for the contract to operate the trains achieved last year, as long as it is formalized, the company has made a calculation of what it will mean in terms of revenue that it will present to its board of directors next Monday.

According to this estimate, of the total 6,000 million dollars expected by the service, the operator expects to invoice 311 million dollars (about 285 million euros) in the coming years for the aforementioned advisory work.

The 5,611 million dollars (5,200 million euros) The remainder will be collected in annual charges once the trains are put into service in 2026 and until 2042 the contract to operate them is concluded.

The president of Renfe, Isaías Táboas, met at the end of last January with those responsible for the Texan project to discuss the progress of the project.

On his side, the Minister of Transportation, José Luis Ábalos, said that it is the "largest contract ever awarded to a Spanish company." "Renfe is consolidated as one of the main railway operators in the world," he said in a statement.

First AVE ‘private’

The bird between Dallas and Texas is a project estimated at 20,000 million dollars (about 18,520 million euros) that includes the construction of a 386-kilometer long line that will link the cities of Dallas-Forth Worth and Houston in an hour and a half.

The runner will be the first bird private sector, given that it is being promoted by Texas Central Partners, a consortium of private companies, and without public resources.

Renfe entered this project in the framework of its internationalization strategy, one of the pillars of the strategic plan that it develops, together with the digitalization and the next launch in Spain of its AVE service ‘Low cost’.

The public company that as of December faces the entry of competitors in the Spanish AVE, has been operating the AVE to Mecca since 2018 and is currently bidding in partnership with MTR, a Hong Kong operator, for taking over the operation of the first British AVE, the one that is built between London and Birmingham.