Result and summary of the doubles match of the ATP Cup 2020 final, live

Victory of Djokovic and Troicki against Carreño and Feliciano (6-3 and 6-4), with which they give Serbia the final point against Spain in the final of the ATP Cup 2020 (2-1). Serbian number one, Novak Djokovic, put on the hero costume and led the comeback of his team after the initial 0-1. First he won Rafa Nadal to put the tables in the tie and he jumped back on the track to give the final point with Viktor Troicki. Serbia is thus proclaimed champion of this first edition of the ATP Cup in Sydney.



(3-6); (4-5). 0-15 Novak makes it complicated with an ace.

(3-6); (4-5) SPAIN CLOSES TO THE TRACK. The hardest part remains. Subtract and prevent Djokovic from closing the match with his service and put the final 2-1 in this final of the 2020 ATP Cup. GO FOR THE BREAK !!!

(3-6); (3-5) 40-15 The Spanish do not lower their arms.

(3-6); (3-5) 15-0 Good service from Feli.

(3-6); 3-5 Serbia, a game to win the tournament.

(3-6); (3-4); 30-30 Troicki reverse error.

(3-6); (3-4); 15-15 Well Feli, who wins the pulse of Djokovic.

(3-6); (3-4); 0-15 First point for Serbia.

(3-6); (3-4) A specialist like Marc López tries to give advice from the bench to Feli. You have to go for this game. Serve Troicki.

(3-6) 3-4 Balloon to the Carreño line to close the game.

(3-6); (2-4) 40-30 Good Asturian service to avoid the break ball.

(3-6); (2-4) 15-15 You cannot return the Carreño ball, very bad and back.

(3-6) 2-4 SERBIA SACA FORWARDS YOUR SERVICE. Djokovic has played it with the second service and has made the mistake to the rest of Carreño. What occasion has Spain gone from shortening distance.

(3-6); (2-3) 40-40 Carreño Parallel, gold point below and break occasion for Spain.

(3-6); (2-3) 30-40 Djokovic put it back in the area inside out to Feli.

(3-6); (2-3) 30-30 Great Feli! How it crossed the net when they were exchanging blows Carreño and Djokovic!

(3-6), (2-3) 15-30 He pulled Feliciano upside down and the Toledo could not return it successfully.

(3-6), (2-3) 15-0 Well Spain attacking Novak's service.

(3-6), 2-3 GAME FOR SPAIN. Touch squeeze the rest now. You have to recover the break as soon as possible.

(3-6); (1-3) 40-30 Another point for the Serbs. They need a good serve.

(3-6); (1-3) 40-15 Good rest of Troicki, which prevents Spain from taking the game blank.

(3-6); (1-3) 40-0 Feli's Ace

(3-6); (1-3) 30-0 Come on, you have to recover sensations.

(3-6); (1-3) 15-0 Powerful serve of Feliciano to the T and ends at Carreño pleasure.

(3-6); 1-3 Keep SERBIA up with a break of advantage.

(3-6); (1-2) 15-40 Ace of Troicki.

3-6); (1-2) 15-15 Good service from Troicki.

(3-6); (1-2) 15-0 Good Feli crossing the net!

(3-6); 1-2 Carreño takes forward his service.

(3-6); (0-2) 40-30 Serbs put pressure.

(3-6); (0-2) 40-15 Powerful rest of Troiki and causes the error of Carreño.

(3-6); (0-2) 40-0 Bien Feli crossing the net after Carreño's service.


(3-6); (0-1) 30-30 What a shame! Now the Asturian parallel does not enter the track.

(3-6); (0-1) 30-15 Grande Carreño! How he endured the exchange from the bottom with Novak and ended up leaving the ball so low that Djokovic could not lift it.

(3-6); (0-1) 15-15 The ball goes out to Spain.

(3-6); (0-1) 15-0 Good now Feli!

(3-6) 0-1 BREAK FOR SERBIA! Feli's double foul and Spain puts this uphill … There is time to recover the break … there is no other!

(3-6) 40-40 and the second one! Gold Point

(3-6); 30-40 The first one is saved!

(3-6); 15-40 Two break balls for Serbia! It is getting complicated and how Feli and Carreño had the game with how well they started.

The second set begins. SPAIN needs to win this manga. At the service, Feliciano.

SERBIA IS FIRST SET against Spain in the doubles match, 3-6. Great reaction of the Serbs although they started with an initial break. Gradually Djokovic has been entering the game and once the counterbreak came, the Spanish team lost concentration.


(3-5) 0-30 Ace de Nole.

(3-5) 0-15 Go right from Novak upside down from Feli.

3-5 BREAK FOR SERBIA. It was long for Carreño. Djokovic serves to close the first sleeve.

(3-4) 40-40 Troiki error. Golden Point …

(3-4) 30-40 Break ball for Serbia.

(3-4) 30-30 It is costing Spain more now to move forward with services.

(3-4) 30-15 Well now Carreño that causes the error from the bottom of the Novak track.

(3-4) 15-15 Djokovic crosses well on the net.

(3-4) 15-0 Djokovic leaves the rest long.

3-4 SERBIA PUTS IN FRONT. By very little the Carreño balloon has not entered. Great reaction of the Serbs, for the first time ahead on the scoreboard. Djokovic jelly to the public in search of more support.

(3-3) 15-40 He couldn't put her on the Feli track.

(3-3) 15-15 Djokovic Point.

(3-3) 15- 0 Double foul by Troicki.

3-3 SERBIA BREAK. Now the network returned the favor to Troicki.

(3-2) 40-40 Ball to Djokovic's body to Carreño. Golden Point below.

(3-2) 40-30 Another ace!

(3-2) 30-30 Feliciano Ace to put the boards in the game.

(3-2) 0-15 The hawk eye points out that Toledo's service was by millimeters outside. Double foul

3-2 Djokovic aims the game with his service for the first time. The Serbian couple is still there but still with a break against. Next turn of Feli to the service.

(3-1) 15-40 What a shame! Feli could not lift the ball enough after a point where Spain defended very well.

(3-1) 15-15 Carreño winning point. He gave the network a little help.

(3-1) 0-15 Good service from Djokovic. The one in Belgrade is on its second duty, it is the only one that has given it up until now.

3-1 BLANK GAME FOR SPAIN. Carreño service and crosses the Feli network to close the point. Very good feelings.

(2-1) 30-0 Good right cross Carreño! The Spaniard is the one who is taking out now.

(2-1) 15-0 Bien Feliciano hunting a ball in the net after several points from the bottom of the track between Djokovic and Carreño.

2-1 Serbia debuts on the scoreboard. He has already returned to the bench of Spain Nadal to encourage his teammates.

(2-0) 15-40 New Troicki ace.

(2-0) 15-30 Point for Djokovic, who did not finish entering the game.

(2-0) 15-15

(2-0) 0-15 Troicki's Ace.

2-0 for Spain with a blank game.

(1-0) 40-0 Very good feelings in the Spanish team.

(1-0) 30-0 Bien Carreño defending himself above and resolving the point.

(1-0) 15-0 Good service from Feli and the Asturian decides from the net.

1-0 GAME FOR SPAIN! Break the Spanish starter duo.

40-40 We remember that whoever wins the next point in the double takes the game. There is no advantage.

40-30 Good on the Feliciano network!

30-15 First point for Serbia with its service.

30-0 Grande Carreño! He snuck it between the two Serbian players.

15-0 Feli winner rest!

THE DOUBLE PARTY BETWEEN SPAIN AND SERBIA BEGINS! At stake the last point of this end of the ATP Cup 2020. At the service, Serbia. Serve Djokovic.

13:44 The warm up begins! In nothing, the doubles match of the final of the ATP Cup 2020.

13:40 The two couples are coming to the track! Feliciano López and Pablo Carreño they have in their hands give the triumph to Spain in the ATP Cup 2020. The couple formed by Djokovic and Troicki will try to avoid it and culminate the comeback of Serbia after a series that began in favor of Spain thanks to the victory of Baptist against Lajovic and that has led Djokovic tables defeating Nadal.

13:35 In Sydney it is 23:35 and the doubles match that will decide the champion of this has not yet begun ATP Cup 2020 that is being disputed between Spain and Serbia.

13:33 Both the Spanish and the Serbian couple have already played matches together in this ATP Cup 2020. We will see if the almost two hours of the match played in the previous duel Novak Djokovic take its toll or not.

13:25 We remember that the doubles match who is going to decide this final of the ATP Cup 2020 between Spain and Serbia It is the best of three sets. In case there is a tie after the first two sleeves, instead of a third sleeve, a supertiebreak, which will take the team that reaches ten points.

13:19. There is less to start the third and final meeting of this final of the ATP Cup 2020 between Spain and Serbia. The doubles duel will determine who takes the tournament.

13:12 OFFICIAL. Nadal is not going to play the doubles match. The Spanish couple is formed by Pablo Carreño and Feliciano López, while in Serbia's it will be Novak Djokovic, next to Troicki.

12:59. We are still waiting to know who are the members of the pairs of doubles, in a match that will decide which country is proclaimed champion of the ATP Cup 2020 in its first edition. Spain? Serbia? In the next game we will know.

It has not been. Nadal has not been able to achieve the second point of Spain in this final of the ATP Cup 2020 against Serbia. Novak Djokovic was very solid and although Nadal fought until the end he could not take the duel to the third set. Here the chronicle of the match between Nadal and Djokovic.

VICTORY OF DJOKOVIC, 6-2 AND 7-6 (4) BEFORE NADAL. The Serbian manages to put the 1-1 in the final of the ATP Cup 2020 between Spain and Serbia, so that the series It will be decided in the doubles match. Possibly they both go back to the track. We confirm it in a few minutes.

(2-6); (6-6) 4-6 Nadal goes into the hallway. Djokovic consolidates the minibreak and already has two match balls!

(2-6); (6-6) 4-5 Djokovic mini-break! Now he was successful with the reverse and put the parallel.

(2-6); (6-6) 4-4 Djokovic sends the backhand into the hall.

(2-6); (6-6) 3-4 Ace of Djokovic! The Spanish will now have two service shifts to recover the initiative in this tiebreak.

(2-6); (6-6) 3-3 How the Serbian right is working! We are going to change sides and follow the tiebreaker on boards.

(2-6); (6-6) 3-2 Nadal winning parallel setback. Turn now for Djokovic.

(2-6); (6-6) 2-2 Mini-break recovered by Djokovic. Nadal tried to get the ball back but could not. He has another service before the change of side.

(2-6); (6-6) 2-1 Rafa mini-break after a double Serbian foul!

(2-6); (6-6) 1-1 Djokovic point.

(2-6); (6-6) 1-0 Take the Rafa initiative.


(2-6); (6-5) 15-40 Double foul of Djokovic.

(2-6); (6-5) 0-30 Djokovic takes a point after moving from the attack to the defense after a good ball to the Nadal cross, but ended up finding the Serbian parallel hollow.

(2-6), 6-5 NADAL IS INSURED THE TIEBREAK! What a game we just lived!

(2-6), (5-5) Ad- 40 Good service from Nadal!

(2-6), (5-5) Deuce. Great rest of the Serbian.

(2-6), (5-5). Ad- 40 The rest is left for Djokovic.

(2-6), (5-5) 40-40 AND SAVE THE SECOND! NA-DA-LA -DA! Go parallel reverse of Nadal to put the deuce!

(2-6), (5-5) 30-40 GO NADAL PUNCH! Along the same lines, he left Djokovic on the floor. What a time to put that volley. Save the first one, there is another one!

(2-6), (5-5) 15-40 Two break balls for Djokovic. Long exchange of blows, resorted to the Serbian left and although Nadal arrived failed in the next blow back.

(2-6); (5-5) 15-30 Nadal goes right.

(2-6); (5-5) 0-15 Djokovic takes the point with the two in the net.

(2-6), 5-5 THE TABLES FOLLOW IN THE SECOND SET. Nadal will now serve to ensure the tiebreak.

(2-6), (5-4), 15-40 Go hollow has found the reverse of Belgrade.

(2-6), (5-4), 15-30 Serbian Ace to recover the initiative with his service.

(2-6), (5-4), 15-15 The star in the Djokovic network

(2-6), (5-4), 0-15 Cannot get the rest of Nadal on track.

(2-6); 5-4 BLANK GAME FOR NADAL. Subtract to try to take the sleeve …

(2-6); (4-4), 30-0 New Serbian error.

(2-6); (4-4) 15-0 Error with the reverse of Djokovic.

(2-6); 4-4 Djokovic regains sensations with his service.

(2-6); (4-3), 15-40 Well now Nadal who manages the passing and avoids Djokovic's blank game.

(2-6); (4-3), 0-30 He turns to the Serbian again.

(2-6); (4-3), 0-15 Nadal is gone out, crossed too much.

(2-6); 4-3 Nadal closes the game with a ace. Touch the rest again!

(2-6); (3-3) 40-30 Go cross to the Djokovic line!

(2-6); (3-3) 40-15 Rafa's ace.

(2-6); (3-3) 30-15 Rafa's good service. It is important that the previous game does not take its toll.

(2-6); 3-3 DJOKOVIC SACKS FORWARD YOUR MOST COMPLICATED SERVICE. Up to five break balls the Serbian has conceded in this game. The first time he puts his service in trouble but he has succeeded.

(2-6); (3-2) 40-Ad. Rafa's cane and new opportunity for the Serbian to close the game.

(2-6); (3-2) Deuce. Another ball saved by the Serbian, with an ace to T.

(2-6); (3-2) Djokovic's mistake and New break ball for Nadal!

(2-6); (3-2) New deuce! He fails to close his Novak game.

(2-6); (3-2) 40-Ad. Rafa's mistake and the advantage is for the Serbian.

(2-6); (3-2) New deuce. Save the break ball with an ace.

(2-6); (3-2) Ad-40 New break ball for Nadal! Attacked backwards

(2-6); (3-2) 40-40 And save the third with a good open service!

(2-6); (3-2) 40-30. Djokovic saves the second after a real kick. Long exchange of blows from the bottom of the track and the Serbian lifts the second break ball.

(2-6); (3-2) 40-15 Save the first.

(2-6); (3-2) 40-0 THREE BREAK BALLS FOR NADAL !!!!

(2-6); (3-2) 30-0 Nadal's great passing! The Serbian went up to the net and Nadal crossed the ball to overcome it.

(2-6); (3-2) 15-0 Djokovic error! The Serbian has taken with second service and in the second blow has sent it out.

(2-6); 3-2 Rafa ACE to close the game and stay ahead in this second set.

(2-6); (2-2) 40-15 Good deep blow of Nadal with a parallel and causes the error of Belgrade.

(2-6); (2-2) 30-15 Nadal rises quickly to the net after serving and manages to take the point. Get back in front with your service.

(2-6); (2-2) 15-15 Djokovic's right impossible to return successfully to Nadal.

(2-6); (2-2) 15-0 Djokovic cross-back error. Nadal takes the initiative with his service.

(2-6); 2-2 DJOKOVIC KEEPS THE PULSE. It is serving very well and leaves no options to the rest.

(2-6); (2-1) 15-40 Follow the Serbian. It shows no weakness.

(2-6); (2-1) 15-15 First point that loses the rest Djokovic in this manga. The Balearic celebrates it.

(2-6), 2-1 Keep taking the Nadal initiative in this service. It seems that his feelings in this manga improve somewhat, but the Serbian is still at a great level. Let's see if he can now press the rest of the Balearic.

(2-6); (1-1) 40-15 Take off and Nadal net.

(2-6); (1-1) 30-15 Go parallel Djokovic upside down. It seemed that Nadal was dominating the point, but the Serbian tricked him.

(2-6); (1-1) 15-0 Ace de Nadal!


(2-6); (1-0), 0-30 Serbian Ace, the fifth of the game.

(2-6); (1-0), 0-15 Djokovic Follow yours. Even with the second service it is able to put in trouble to Nadal

(2-6); 1-0 NADAL SIGNS THE FIRST GAME of this second set. For the first time the Spanish ahead on the scoreboard.

(2-6); 0-0, (40-15) Good serve Nadal and causes the error to the rest of Nole. Important to take the initiative in this set.

(2-6); 0-0, (15-15) Djokovic long rest. Rafa's "Let's go!" Is heard.

(2-6); 0-0, (0-15) The first point of this second set is for Novak after a Nadal error.

(2-6), We are going to the second set of this Nadal – Djokovic of the final of the ATP Cup 2020 between Spain and Serbia. The Mallorcan will start serving.

2-6 DJOKOVIC APPOINTS THE FIRST SET BEFORE NADAL. Rafa Nadal's hesitant start in the match against Novak Djokovic and the Spaniard has given the first sleeve to the Serbian in just 40 minutes. Djokovic is being very solid with the service while Nadal is not running the first service.

(2-5) 0-40 Ace of Djokovic and three set balls for the Serbian.

2-5 SECOND BREAK FOR DJOKOVIC! Nadal complained to the chair judge that someone in the audience shouted when he was taking out. Much presence of Serbs in the Sydney tier.

(2-4) 30-40 He fails to pass the ball with Nadal crossed backwards and has to lift a new break ball. The first service is not working for the Balearic Islands.

(2-4) 30-30 Djokovic's great right and completely deceives Nadal.

(2-4) 30-15 Rafa's ace! Take the initiative with his take out the Spanish.

(2-4) 15-15 Well now Nadal, good service and moves his rival, who fails.

(2-4) 0-15 Fail with Nadal right.

2-4 BLANK GAME FOR DJOKOVIC. The Serbian closes a new game with his service without giving up any points to the rest.

(2-3) 0-30 Winning right of Djokovic. The Serbian looks very safe.

(2-3) 0-15 The reverse of Nadal stays in the net.

2-3 NADAL TAKES YOUR SERVICE FORWARD. He got into trouble after committing three double faults in this game, but has managed to maintain his service.

(1-3) Ad-40 Closed volley of Nadal, it was with everything Djokovic but failed to get the ball on track. Advantage for Spanish.

(1-3) 40-40 Good service now from Spanish and causes the error to the rest of Novak.

(1-3), 40-Ad. Nadal's third double foul in this game and a new break for the Serbian.

(1-3), 40-40 Nadal saves the break ball!

(1-3) 30-40 Break ball for Djokovic! Nadal's blow hit the net and shot off the track.

(1-3) 30-30 Well now Nadal dominating with the right and cheating Djokovic!

(1-3), 15-30 Another double lack of Nadal!

(1-3), 15-15 Rafa's double foul.

(1-3), 15-0 Nice take of Nadal to T.

1-3 Ace of Djokovic to close the game with a blank service.

(1-2), 0-40 Nadal is going long.

(1-2), 0-15 Open and cross right from Novak to take the initiative with your service.

1-2 BLANK GAME FOR NADAL. Improve your feelings Spanish.

(0-2), 40-0 New Serbian error. I play a lot calmer for Nadal.

(0-2), 30-0 Djokovic abuses the left and is not working as he wants.

0-2 DJOKOVIC CONFIRMS THE BREAK. The Serbian points his first service. But Nadal has already achieved two winning strokes in this game.

(0-1), (40-Ad) Go second Djokovic service to avoid the break ball.

0-1; (40-40) Nadal's great parallel reverse pass! He saw the Serbian approaching the network and surpassed him.

0-1; (30-40) Djokovic error from right.

0-1; (15-15) Nadal winning right to debut with the rest!

0-1; (0-15) The rest of Nadal does not enter.

0-1 BREAK FOR DJOKOVIC! Nadal starts by fitting a break in the first game. He raised two break balls but could not with the third. The Serbian needs to win this game to keep Serbia alive in the final. There is time to recover this break

(40-AD) Another break ball for Novak! The boat was soon left Nadal in his field.

(40-40) ANOTHER BALL SAVED! The Serb sent her into the hall.

(40-Ad) New opportunity to break the service for the Serbian. It failed with the reverse Nadal.

(40-40) BALL SAVED! It is celebrated by Spanish.

(30-40) Break ball for Novak!

(30-30) Equals Novak after a good point in the Serbian network.

(30-15) Now it is Nadal who leaves the ball on his side.

(30-0) Novak right error. The Serb sent her into the hall when she tried to attack Nadal's right.

(15-0) First point of the game for Nadal. Djokovic failed to return the rest to the other side of the network.

START THE NADAL – DJOKOVIC. At the service, Rafa.

10:49. Everything is ready for the match between Rafa Nadal and Novak Djokovic to start in this final of the 2020 ATP Cup between Spain and Serbia!

10:47 This match is also of special importance not only for the title in play of this first edition of the ATP Cup, but because each victory also awards valid points for the full-hearted ranking between Rafa Nadal and Novak Djokovic for taking first place. Whoever wins will score 250 more points.

10:44. Nadal and Djokovic They are ready to start the warm-up with the usual pre-game ball.

10:42. They are already on track Rafa Nadal and Novak Djokovic!

10:36 Djokovic is particularly good at playing in Australia. Recall that the Serbian has won seven editions of the Melbourne Open. In fact, last year they faced Nadal and Djokovic in the final and that of Belgrade was much higher. It was one of the Grand Slam finals in which the victory came more bluntly (6-3, 6-2 and 6-3), although it is also true that Nadal came from accusing the lack of filming. It was his comeback on the circuit after his retirement in the 2018 US Open semifinal.

10:34. The duel Nadal – Djokovic it is the one that has been repeated more times in the circuit, with a balance of victories slightly favorable for the Serbian 26-28. The last time they met was last year in the final of Rome, a duel that Rafa Nadal took to conquer his first title of the season. On a fast track, Belgrade is a favorite because it has won 19 times compared to 7 in Nadal. The last time the Balearic won a similar surface to today was in the final of the 2013 US Open.

10:30 In less than ten minutes they will jump to the track Rafa Nadal and Novak Djokovic. The Spaniard has the mission of giving the definitive point for Spain to be proclaimed champion of this 2020 ATP Cup, but Belgrade is not going to make it easy, forced to win to keep Serbia's options alive.

10:24. BAUTISTA GIVES FIRST POINT TO SPAIN in this final of the ATP Cup 2020 against Serbia. Great match of Castellón who has signed full of victories in the six individual matches he has played in Aussie lands. Now comes the highlight of the day, Nadal – Djokovic, with the second point in play of this final.

10:23 ACE AND VICTORY FOR BAPTIST! 7-5, 6-1 before Lajovic.

10:22 Match ball for Baptist!

10:19. New break for Bautista, with which he puts the 5-1 on the scoreboard. The Castellón will then serve to close the meeting (7-5, 5-1).

10:12. Fit a break now Baptist! (4-1), but still has one advantage.

10:07 Done! Bautista puts the direct and is already 4-0 in the second set. He will now take out the Castellón.

10:06 Two balls of break for Bautista to put the 4-0 in the second sleeve!

10:02 Baptist consolidates with a blank game the break previous and already opens the gap to 3-0 in this second set (7-5, 3-0). What a great level the Spaniard is showing in this ATP Cup! He is the only player who has won his five individual matches. If it is imposed on Lajovic it will give the first point to Spain in this end of the ATP Cup 2020 before Serbia.

09:58 Lajovic sends the ball to the hall and Bautista already sends in the second set with a break above. (7-5; 2-0).

09:57. Baptist has two balls of break to take advantage in the second game of this second manga.

09:47. BAPTIST IS AWARDED THE FIRST SET, (7-5). The Castellón has taken the first sleeve against Lajovic in the match that opens this end of the ATP Cup 2020 between Spain and Serbia.

09:46. Two set balls for Baptist!

09:42. Great Baptist volley to ensure the tiebreak (6-5)! Let's see if he manages to take Lajovic's service now without having to decide the manga in sudden death.

09:38 For now, maximum equality in the match between Roberto Bautista and Dusan Lajovic, the duel that opens this final between Spain and Serbia in the ATP Cup. The score is 5-5 in the first set. The Castellón started the game very well and came to have 3-0, but the Serbian reacted on time and took the boards to the scoreboard.

09:30 Good Morning! Welcome to the minute by minute of the end of the ATP Cup 2020 between Spain and Serbia. The first point of the series is currently being played by Roberto Bautista and Dusan Lajovic. Then it will be the turn of Rafa Nadal and Novak Djokovic, who will decide to decide the tie or keep his team alive and take the series to the doubles match.