Robert Parish to Michael Jordan: “You are not going to kick my ass”

The Netflix documentary The Last Dance, who traces Michael Jordan’s successful last year at the Chicago Bulls, introduces us to a Jordan unknown to many: A man so competitive and obsessed with success that he harassed and even beat up his wardrobe mates to try to get the most out of them.

Scott Burrell, Will Purdue or coach Steve Kerr were some of their victims, but there was one who didn’t flatter himself against the best player of all time, Robert Parish, who came to the Chicago Bulls in 1996 at age 43 to try to get his last ring. An NBA-respected veteran. Following the broadcast of the documentary, Robert Parish has spoken about his relationship with Michael Jordan in that Bulls locker room.

«I said I wasn’t in love with him like those guys. I also had my rings. At first Jordan said to me: “I’m going to kick your ass.” So, I went up to him and said, ‘No, you’re not really going to do it.’. After that, it didn’t bother me again, ”Parish revealed.

Robert Parish was fortunate to share costumes with some of the most valued legends in NBA history, such as Larry Bird. The Lusiana center compared the character of the former Boston Celtics player with that of Michael Jordan: «Larry Bird had a lot of respect for his peers. If you did not have a good night, he encouraged you or said nothing to you. Conversely, Magic and Jordan would jump on you »he concluded.