Rocío Flores blows 23 candles away from his mother, but also from his father

It is the seventh year that Rocío Flores turns years away from his mother, but this time his father will not be either when he is sung by ‘Happy Birthday’

The life of Dew Flowers It has changed a lot in recent months. Although it is famous since before birth, its popularity had never achieved similar levels to the current ones. He will turn 23, against all odds, sitting on a television set. And it is that she, who had always defended to keep her image and her private life outside the cameras, has turned out to be the last revelation of the small screen.

Defender of his father, Antonio David Flores, on the set of Big Brother Vip, does not shut up one. Rocío says what he thinks and quite clearly. He has faced Sofia Suescun to defend Gloria Camila and has left Kiko Jiménez in two sentences after leaving the contest. But this is not all, he did what no one expected him to do, pronounce on the conflict that has been facing her mother for seven years and leave everyone with their mouths open stating that they keep the door open for reconciliation.

Jorge Javier and Rocío Flores / Mediaset

His quiet life in Malaga is over, where he acts as a nutritional couch during the hours he does not help Olga Moreno, his father's wife, in the clothing store they have in the Andalusian city. After passing through Big Brother, even if not as a participant, everyone puts face on the granddaughter of Rocío Jurado, and there are already many who think that when we least expect it, the day will come when the guest to a program will be her and do it to fully expand and tell in the first person how he has lived through the hard conflicts that his parents fight in court.

But while fate (and herself) decide whether this happens or not, Rocío Carrasco he blows 23 candles away from his father and mother, although for very different reasons. Of course, Olga will be by her side, and with her her two brothers and her partner, with whom he has shared his life for more than two years.