Rocío Flores leaves behind her most difficult week in the best company

The week has been very complicated for the Flores family, who have seen how Antonio David has become the target of all eyes after the appearance of several women who claim to have had a relationship with him. This would mean, therefore, that the former Civil Guard he would have been unfaithful to his wife, Olga Moreno, which has put the family in a very difficult situation.

Rocío Flores, very excited during her speech in ‘Sálvame’ / Telecinco

The high point of the matter took place this Friday in which Rocío Flores, Antonio’s first-born, intervened live in ‘Save me’ to launch a resounding “enough already” and ask that the accusations against her father be stopped. The young woman was very excited, with tears in the eyes, very sad that the situation continued and ended up permanently affecting his family.

«If I am here it is basically to say that enough of hurting a family for free and of try to break a family who has been together for 20 years and two people fighting hand in hand with tougher and more difficult situations for the same goals, their children. «I don’t want my sister to grow up in an unstructured family like me, ”he said.

Dew flowers
Rocío Flores has spent the weekend with her brothers and her boy / Instagram

Than Rocío Flores is very familiar it is not a secret to anyone. In addition to his friends and his boyfriend, his two brothers are the center of his life. For this reason, this weekend he has totally devoted himself to them, enjoying the three together of one of those days that are remembered for a lifetime. She has shared it herself – and also her boyfriend, Manuel Bedmar – on their social networks, where they are seen having a great time.

Rocío Flores leaves behind her most difficult week in the best company
Now Manuel has blue hair / Instagram

And all this without having to leave home. The four of them spent Saturday afternoon making a cake together that, as Rocío showed shortly after, lasted very little. Then they went to a impromptu hairdressing session in which Lola, Rocío’s little sister, showed great talent by changing Manuel’s hair color. As if she had been working in a beauty salon for years, the girl achieved a practically perfect finish thanks to which Bedmar left behind the striking platinum blonde to welcome a too striking blue hue.

Rocío Flores leaves behind her most difficult week in the best company
The cake they made did not last long / Instagram

For many things that happen around them, the Flores intend to continue together. As Rocío herself said, they have gone through very hard things in recent years and have always managed to get ahead, a strength that they continue to have and demonstrate. The next few days will not be easy either, but Antonio David and his children will continue to fight for a pineapple that seems unbreakable and durable, regardless of who it weighs.