Rocío Flores returns to normal without news from her mother Rocío Carrasco

Two weeks ago that ‘Survivors 2020’ came to an end, although the last contestants had yet to remain isolated for a few more days, complying with the quarantine recommended by experts. Once the isolation is over, each of the finalists has returned to their home still with their emotions on the surface after everything they experienced during their stay in Honduras, and wanting to start their doubly ‘new normal’. And while Hugo and Barranco were returning to their cities a few days ago, today was the turn of Rocío Flores, who has done it with mixed feelings. On the one hand with fear for the immediate future and without knowing the repercussion that his contest may have had on his family, and on the other hand happy and very excited to meet again with his family.

Overflowing emotion on the part of Olga Moreno when picking up Rocío in Málaga / Gtres

The young woman took the AVE in Madrid on the way to Malaga where Olga Moreno, her father’s wife and whom she considers her second mother, was waiting for her. And so has been this emotional encounter between them. Minutes after loading Rocío’s immense luggage, inside the vehicle the two were fused into a hug after which Olga could not hide her tears, after almost four months without seeing the former survivor. In this way, Rocío Jurado’s granddaughter has returned to her home without news of her mother.

Rocío Flores
There have been several occasions in which Rocío has requested an approach with her mother / Mediaset

And it will not be because he has not requested it during the program in which he has spent more than ninety days. Have been several times when Rocío has asked to know how her mother was, who has ignored her daughter’s pleas. He did not even show signs of life when a scared and heartbroken Rocío Flores cried wanting to know how her mother was after knowing what was happening due to the coronavirus crisis. Despite Lara Álvarez’s promise, Rocío Carrasco has not responded to the program and her daughter has finished third finalist without knowing about her.

Rocío Carrasco
“Do they put it on Netflix?” Was the response of Rocío Carrasco when asked about her daughter’s participation in ‘Survivors’ / Gtres

It is not surprising if we remember the reaction of the daughter of the “oldest” when asked if she would see her daughter participating in the reality of survival: “Do they put it on Netflix?”was his reply. A poisoned dart to his daughter, who was leaving for the island hurt with the attitude of her mother, who does not hold a grudge and with whom he wants an approach for her, and especially for her little brother.