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Kamala harris Y Mike pence they will see each other this Wednesday night. The vice presidents’ debate usually has little significance, but this year, the face among the ‘vice-presidents’ assumes another relevance after Trump’s positive, which has focused all eyes on Pence, in the event that he was forced to take office. if something serious happens to Trump. On the other hand, Biden has been asked since the beginning of the campaign about his age and Harris has captured the attention from the first moment.

The contagion of Trump, which set off alarms in case the Democratic candidate could have also been infected during the debate, has prompted the Democratic team to ask for new protection measures for the next face to face.

Thus, both candidates and attendees will have to take tests of PCR before debate. The distance between the two candidates will be more than three meters, instead of the two that were in the first debate, at the request of the Democratic team.

In addition, Harris’s team also requested the placing a plexiglass screen between the two to minimize the risk of contagion. A transparent screen will divide the stage in two as a security measure.

Those attending the debate and those accompanying the two candidates must wear the mask and if one of them removes it, they must leave the room. This conflicts with the latest performances by Trump that he has removed his mask as soon as he left the hospital and has once again minimized the risks of the coronavirus.

The Presidential Debate Commission agreed to Harris’s campaign request and Pence’s team did not object, although they “did not want the vice president to be surrounded by Plexiglass,” as commission co-chair Frank Fahrenkopf Jr. noted, “No they want to have it in what looks like a box. “