Samidare Amaashi

editSamidare Amaashi  
あまあしサミダレ Amaashi Samidare

  • Rain Killer (雨の殺人鬼, Ame no Satsujinki, English TV: Rainy Day Killer)
Anime Boruto Episode #155
Appears in Anime
Voice Actors
  • Kazumasa Nakamura
Sex Male
Status Incapacitated
  • Mikazuki Amaashi (Sister)
Nature Type
  • Water Release

  • Water Release: Falling Rain Needles

Samidare Amaashi (あまあしサミダレ, Amaashi Samidare) is a serial killer known as the Rain Killer (雨の殺人鬼, Ame no Satsujinki, English TV: Rainy Day Killer).


Samidare worked as a shinobi for many years, always prioritising his missions over his family. When he heard news that his sister Mikazuki died in a Kaneki Corporation chemical plant accident, he investigated, finding her involvement in a dangerous project suspicious. He tracked down her superiors and discovered they pushed the project forward despite the danger associated with it to remain competitive. Because of their excuses and disparaging of those who died in the accident, he began killing them.


While once a kind man who loved his family, grief and vengeance made Samidare a cruel killer. He became willing to exact revenge on all those who played a part in his sister’s death. At the same time, as noted by Mitsuki, some of Samidare’s original kindness still existed. Despite the vicious killings, he occasionally displayed some hesitation in them. He also appeared to like cats, as he bought a bell for Mitsuki’s pet, Mikazuki.


Samidare has blue short hair and eyes.


Samidare is able to use Water Release, turning raindrops into ultra-thin needles.

New Era

While attacking his third victim, Samidare hesitated, and was injured in return. Mikazuki found him and brought Mitsuki to him. Mitsuki took Samidare to his apartment and tended his injury. He attempted to kidnap the Kaneki Corporation president, but was stopped by Team 7. He later managed to do it by disguising himself as a police officer and attacking outside his usual pattern of acting during rain. Mitsuki exposed him as the killer, and defeated him. Samidare used his jutsu on himself and was rendered comatose. Mitsuki visited him in the hospital.


  • Samidare translates as “early summer rain”, which references his infamous moniker.

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