Sanders wins in Nevada by a loose difference and is shaping up as the Democrats’ favorite

Senator Bernie Sanders is shaping up to be the winner of the Democratic primaries that took place this Saturday in the US state of Nevada, making him the big favorite in his party’s run to the White House.

At the time of writing this chronicle, the count had not yet finished but the difference with his rivals was so large that his victory was taken for granted. His victory is very significant because Nevada is a kind of general indicator due to the weight in the race towards the November elections.

The delays are due to the new rules established for the caucuses after what happened in the Iowa primaries, where there were failures in the transmission of data and in which the Democratic candidate Pete Buttigieg was the winner.

So far, Sanders tops the Democratic list with 47% of the votes counted. Behind the senator, former vice president Joe Biden stands at 23%. Third place is held by former South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg with 14%, followed by Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren with 9%.

After knowing these data, Sanders has assured that a “multigenerational and multiracial coalition has been created that is going to win not only in Nevada, but is going to devastate the entire country.”

Nevada, which puts 36 delegates at stake for the Democratic Party’s National Convention, has 19% of Latino voters – according to the polls after the 2016 elections -, which makes it the first major test of the primaries to probe with empirical data towards where this relevant social group leans.

It has also become clear that Sanders has managed to broaden a coalition beyond the most leftist voters. In this way he refutes the argument of many moderates that he would not succeed in building bridges between progressives and centrists.

In his first speech, he reiterated his promises of health reform, a fight against climate change, greater control of gun ownership and a rise in the minimum wage.

“The American people are fed up with a government that is based on greed, corruption and lies. He wants a government based on the principles of justice, “he said in an act in which the audience chanted” Bernie! Bernie! Bernie!