Santander Spain reduces its steering committee from 23 to 13 members after the integration of Popular

Santander Spain He has simplified his steering committee to be more agile after integrating Banco Popular. This is what President Rami Aboukhair has said to employees in a letter to which Europa Press has had access.

The steering committee is responsible for boosting the business and reinforcing the commercial execution plans in the network. From now on it will be formed by 13 members instead of the 23 that made it up to now. Similarly, three territorial directorates have been reinforced with the incorporation of committee executives.

"We have just completed the integration of Popular in an exemplary way, which puts us in a position of advantage to face the future and continue to lead the banking market," says the letter sent by Aboukhair.

In addition, the president of Santander Spain stresses that the entity begins a new stage built on "effort and commitment" after completing the integration of Popular.

Aboukhair explains in the internal communiqué that now it is time to "focus all the effort in boosting the business and reinforce the commercial execution plans in the network", for which they need a "greater agility in the decision making". In order to achieve this goal, he has decided to make these changes.

In this way, the investment banking director (CIB), Gabriel Alonso; the director of business development, María Ruiz Andújar; the director of risks, José Corral; the director of human resources and organization, Aurelio Velo; and the director of technology and operations, Juan Olaizola.

Also present in the committee will be the director of general secretariat and compliance, Adolfo Díaz-Ambrona; the director of management control, Abel González; the director of costs and real estate, Carlos González; the director of strategy and responsible banking, Leyre de Álvaro;

It will also be integrated by the internal audit director, Pilar Zataraín; the director of digital banking, Luis Colorado; and the new financial director, Catalina Mejía, who will be incorporated on January 1, 2020.

In turn, changes have been made in territorial directorates that have been reinforced with the incorporation of members of the steering committee.

Thus, Manuel Iturbe has been appointed territorial director of Cantabria-Asturias; Víctor Menéndez, until now in charge of the integration committee of Banco Popular assumes the territorial direction of Galicia; and Sonia Colomar, which is incorporated as territorial address of Castilla La Mancha.

In February 2018, Banco Santander decided to unify the steering committees of Santander Spain and Banco Popular into one, whose objective was to administer and support the two commercial networks.

The decision, of which Santander also informed its employees through an internal statement, was a step in the integration of Popular under the structure of the group chaired by Ana Botín after its acquisition.