Self-Healing Technique

Upon forming the necessary hand seals, either immediately before or after being struck by an attack, the user’s body will regenerate to heal all recent injuries and lost anatomy in seconds, leaving no lingering traces of said wounds. This technique can also negate the effects of venom on the user’s body.

With the aid of a special core made from Scientific Ninja Tools, the technique can be augmented to activate instantly and even restore the person from the most maiming of damage, including getting their head obliterated, restoring them to their original form within seconds. The core can be moved around the body via hand seals, lowering the chances of its destruction. The negative effect of using the core, should it be removed as the body became modified to depend on it for stability, the user’s body will mutate uncontrollably.

While stated to possess a regenerative ability in the manga, Victor’s usage was never shown until the anime. Similar to Boro’s usage, Victor is capable of regenerating limbs and his head. If a limb is severed, Victor can manipulate the limb or use his blood as tendrils to retrieve and immediately reattach it. However, Victor’s regeneration is not perfect as it is not capable of keeping up with inextinguishable Fire Release techniques. Also, since Victor utilised a cursed seal to extend his life, prolonged usage of this technique would accelerate Victor’s decline in health, as his over-usage led to his permanent loss of his right eye and leg and likewise leaves him extremely drained.


  • Several sources referred to this technique as “Self-Regeneration Technique” (自己再生術, Jiko Saiseijutsu). Whether it is proper name or just a description of the type of technique is still unclear.
  • While this technique does not regenerate clothing, in the anime when Victor’s head was bitten off by one of Orochimaru’s snakes, his eyepatch was included on his new head.

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