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The win suffered by the Barça in the last final of the Women's Champions League It had many consequences. While it is true that for the team to go so far in the competition was already a great triumph, a player could not understand that mentality.

Toni Duggan He has confessed that it was that moment that made him decide that he was not in the right place. "I wanted the floor to swallow me, I just wanted everything to end," he said in an interview to The guardian. "All the other players were taking selfies with their medal, but I have another mentality. They told me not to worry, we had done well, but I was above that," admitted the forward.

That was when he decided that Barcelona was not made for her. "Their football was a bit frustrating, they have an identity that I enjoyed but I felt that they would not help me to get the best of myself as '9'", commented the player of the Athletic.

"In Barcelona the goal was not to get the Champions League and when I talked to other English players they told me that what I had to worry about was winning it," the Englishman said.

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